Logitech disconnects Harmony universal remotes

Logitech disconnects Harmony universal remotes: It is not a big surprise as Logitech has already indicated in the past that the market is shrinking.

On his own support website let Logitech know that Logitech disconnects Harmony universal remotes. No more new models will be made and the current stock will be sold out. Users can still expect updates and support “as long as Harmony remotes are used” and the warranty also continues, even for products that are yet to be purchased. Logitech therefore expects this decision to have no impact on its customers.

Logitech disconnects Harmony universal remotes

It is not a big surprise because Logitech has already indicated in the past that the market for universal remote controls is getting smaller and smaller. Consumers are increasingly using the TV remote control to operate other equipment and less and less equipment is used next to the TV. The real universal remote control with which you control your entire AV system has thus been overtaken by time, according to Logitech.

While we certainly understand that point of view, we too must honestly admit that we are very sorry. The undersigned has been using the Harmony Elite remote control in combination with the Harmony Hub. Not only for simple TV operation, but also for linking devices in activities, direct control of smart home products and the link with the smart home controller so that the AV system works perfectly with the rest of the house. Almost all major brands and devices are supported by Logitech, and the remote almost always does exactly what it should do. They are remotes that get the approval of the wife, the in-laws and the babysitters, and that says something.

Are there no alternatives? Not really. There are some brands that try to run AV products in a cheaper and easier way, but the wide compatibility that Logitech offers is difficult to find elsewhere. You could argue that nowadays everything can be operated with an app, but who gets their smartphone every time to first search for an app and then switch channels or inputs? And with solutions like HDMI-CEC, not all problems are solved either, as devices must be physically connected to each other. Yes, more and more TV remotes can communicate with other devices, but here too, not everything is supported or works properly. For example, how do you fully control your receiver or Blu-ray player with a simple TV remote? And in addition, the devices are still not easy to use together within a smart home environment. As far as we are concerned, it will be a big loss when Logitech disappears from the scene, but who knows, it may offer opportunities for new players.