Loewe Klang mr series: multiroom capable streaming speakers

Loewe Klang mr series has been launched which includes new streaming loudspeakers Klang mr1, mr3 and mr5.

Loewe Klang mr series launched- The traditional manufacturer Loewe presents the new streaming loudspeakers Klang mr1, mr3 and mr5 in a press release. They should not only convince with “first-class sound”, but also with their elegant design.

Loewe Klang mr series: features and details

All three models in the series are based on the DTS Play-Fi platform, Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast / Home are supported. Up to 32 speakers can be operated in a network, up to 16 of them in one zone – and a total of pro Network four zones define. Streaming is possible via LAN, WLAN and Bluetooth.

Loewe Klang mr: The connections are located in the base of the device

The individual representatives of the Klang-mr product line differed mainly in size, driver equipment and music performance. While the smallest Loewe Klang mr1 is around 15 centimeters high and has a total music output of 30 watts, the large mr5 has a height of 40 centimeters and a music output of 180 watts.

The look is quite striking: the devices come in a cone-shaped outfit and are covered with acoustic fabric. On the top there is a real glass touch panel for control. The connections for power and, if necessary, LAN are located on the underside so that the cables can be hidden as best as possible.


  • Loewe Klang mr1: 349 euros
  • Loewe Klang mr3: 549 euros
  • Loewe Klang mr5: 649 euros