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Listen to music over Wi-Fi with Sonos

Listen to music over Wi-Fi with Sonos gives you the complete freedom to move speakers from room to room without having to pull a single cable.

Listen to music over Wi-Fi with Sonos : Today we can listen to music wirelessly in various ways, although the most used is Bluetooth. But Bluetooth has a problem and it is the range it has. From the moment you move more than 10 meters away from the music device, the party is over. There may also be micro-cuts in the emission depending on where you are, so it is not the best option, although it is the most used. But today I’m going to talk to you about something totally different. Another completely different theme in the multimedia theme at home and that is Sonos.


Sonos is a company that has found the solution to playing music in any home.

It has manufactured portable devices including speakers, an amplifier and others that I will talk about later, which makes it possible for us to listen to music at home without a single cable in between and without the limitation that we had by Bluetooth.

These devices are controlled with an application that you install on your smartphone, tablet or on your computer and from there you send the music.

We can control the music and the volume of each room. Make the speakers work separately or all play the same music.

Choose 2 speakers and have them work as stereo speakers. Take various components and create our own home cinema and much more.

How does music over Wi-Fi with Sonos work?

Basically any Sonos device must be connected to your network. We can do this by cable or Wifi.

Once connected to your network and since I suppose you also have your phone, tablet or computer connected to Wifi, we can start sending music.

But don’t worry, now I will explain it step by step later.

Very important

They are not speakers to connect to the television directly, although it can be done by buying the sound bar and you can mount a home cinema.

They are not used to connect your computer by cable to watch movies, although one of them does and I will explain it below.

They are devices prepared to listen to music at home through your Wifi network .

We will also see that it is compatible with Spotify and other streaming music platforms .

Connecting music over Wi-Fi with Sonos

Installing and using Sonos is super easy.

As I have mentioned before, for all this to work it must be on the same network as your home.

You should know that it does not matter if a device is connected to your router by cable or by Wifi. They will be able to communicate equally.

Let’s say you have already chosen a speaker. But before buying it, you must see where you want to install it.

Speaker next to the router

If you are going to put a Sonos speaker next to the router, it is simply to connect it with the cable that it brings from the Internet outlet that leads behind to one of the ports of the router.

You plug it into the power and go.

Speaker in a different room than the router

If you are going to put Sonos in a separate room, you will need to purchase the bridge that I will talk about below and that gives the Sonos components the wireless function.

To connect them you must first connect the bridge from its Internet outlet to a router port and connect it to the power.

Then you connect the speaker to the power.

Now the bridge will send the sound to the speaker wirelessly.


Once everything is ready, we must configure it and it is super simple.

The first thing is to download the application for the device that we are going to use and you can find them on the Sonos support page or in the following links:

Once installed we execute it and the first thing it asks us is to add a Sonos component and we will do so by following the instructions and pressing the buttons of the components indicated by the application.

Once added, we must name the room, although later we can change it without problems, add or remove components from a room and much more.

It is very easy to do.

Listening to music

With Sonos we can listen to the music that we have in our saved device, that we have in Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, Deezer, Amazon Cloud Player, Napster and lots of Internet radios.

Full compatibility with Apple Airplay.

The operation is the same as in any other music player, but with the difference that on the left side we have the rooms that we have created.

In the middle what we are playing and on the right side the sources from where we get the music such as that device, Spotify, radios, etc.

From there we can also control what music will sound in each room, the volume and other settings.

Sonos devices

We have several devices according to our needs:


Sonos play 1

This is the little one of the family and like any one of them has incredible sound quality.

The sound power is quite high to have two speakers inside and for many it will be enough for a medium-sized room.

Sonos play 3

The middle brother is exactly the same as the other one, but this one has 3 speakers inside with which we increase the power.

It has nothing to envy to any sound equipment.

So we can start a little party with the Play 3.

Sonos play 5

For any fan of loud music.

The Sonos has 5 speakers inside which develop incredible power and quality.

If you want to throw a party, put music in a very large room or still enjoy the quality of the sound, the Sonos Play 5 is for you.

This is the only one that has an auxiliary cable input with which you can connect your smartphone, laptop and any device with a headphone output by cable.


The bridge is the device that gives wireless functionality to any Sonos component.

You will have to purchase it in case you do not have the router near where you want to install a speaker.

Anyway, if you buy one, you already have it to connect all the components that you buy in the future and if you try one, you will surely repeat.


The first time I heard them, I fell in love with this system.

music over Wi-Fi with Sonos gives you the complete freedom to move speakers from room to room without having to pull a single cable.

It is true that you have to invest a little more than in other devices, but that is one of the advantages, that we can buy them little by little according to our needs and place them as we need.

Not to mention being able to centralize all the music in a single device such as a table or a smartphone.

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