Linn Klimax DSM music player and integrated preamp launched

Linn Klimax DSM music player and integrated preamp launched with many attractive features and wonderful specifications for music lovers.

Linn Klimax DSM music player and integrated preamp launched- The Klimax DSM is the next generation and successor to the pioneering first version from the Scottish audio company launched in 2007 and in an effort to create the highest sound quality, the latest module uses a new DAC created by Linn called Organik, and a re-imagined chassis.

Benefiting from decades of audio innovation and digital technology knowledge, the Klimax DSM music player and integrated preamp module, with its striking new design, takes its place at the top of the Linn DSM streamer family tree above. of the Selekt and Majik DSM models. A convenient location due to its new Organik DAC, custom enclosure, high-end components, comprehensive connectivity, and support for up to 24-bit 384kHz and DSD256 audio resolution.

Billed by the company as “the closest you can get to streaming audio perfection,” the Klimax DSM represents a step back, back to basics, and is a complete reinvention of its flagship streamer.

Every aspect of the design went through a process in which its impact on music was considered. The custom designed cabinet is machined from a solid block of special grade aluminum and provides sound insulation along with visual and tactile luxury topped off by the top-mounted, cut glass / stainless steel / cut glass dial that provides feedback. visual of its 100 status lights.

The large mass of the case, together with the internal damping, isolates it from room vibrations, while the analog, digital and power stages are compartmentalized by precisely cut partitions, protecting against internal interference.

Inside this cabinet is the Organik DAC, the company’s first fully Linn digital-to-analog converter and the result of the company’s own R&D after it realized it had reached the limits of what it could achieve. with third party DAC chips.

Developed from early beginnings and manufactured in-house (each complete Klimax unit is individually signed by the engineer who builds it), Organik combines Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) processing, whereby a designer can make configurations afterwards. manufacturing, and a discrete conversion stage, giving Linn precise control and optimization at every stage of the digital-to-analog conversion process. Custom-designed algorithms provide higher sampling, more precise volume control, and distortion-free modulation, and the conversion stage generates the analog signal with extremely low distortion levels.

Additionally, there are reduced signal paths, improvements in circuit board population techniques, and state-of-the-art vapor phase furnaces to ensure zero oxidation of the contacts soldered on the boards.

The result is that the Organik DAC offers significantly less noise and distortion, measuring 20dB better than what Linn has achieved before, achieving the most accurate recreation of the original musical signal and revealing even more of the small details that provide an emotional connection. closer to music.

All of this innovation helps deliver flagship-level audio performance to give all streaming and connected digital, analog and wireless sound sources a new life with support for up to 24-bit 384 kHz and DSD256 audio resolution.

Analog sources will also enjoy an added benefit thanks to a new high-performance, low-distortion ADC design that has its own circuit board with dedicated power supply, while Exakt Link ports allow direct connection of a Linn LP12 turntable with a phonographic stage Urika II.

The USB input allows direct connection to a computer and the built-in wireless connectivity allows a convenient connection via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to stream from 24-bit sources from a personal collection or a high-quality online streaming service like Tidal. or Qobuz.

And since the Klimax DSM comes in two variants, enthusiasts who may be more interested in multiple home AV sources can take advantage of the AV version of the unit that features 4 HDMI inputs and one eARC-compliant HDMI output for support of Smart TV.

A third version is available for audiophiles who wish to consider a complete Linn system with the new Klimax System Hub, which uses the same housing, improved ADC and connectivity of the Klimax DSM (AV) variant.