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Link KlikAanKlikUit to Google Home and Google Assistant

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Link KlikAanKlikUit to Google Home: The smart home system of the Dutch KlikAanKlikUit can be linked to Google Home and the Google Assistant. In this article we explain how this works exactly.

KlikAanKlikUit is an easy to install smart home system that you can design and use as you wish. In principle, you can use many products without an application and with supplied remote controls, for example. But when you unlock the smart functions with the ICS-2000 Internet Control Station, a world of possibilities opens up. In this article, we’ll discuss how to link that station to the Google Assistant . But first we need to get the system online. Fortunately, it all happened that way.

Install ICS-2000 Internet Control Station

Before you can connect the products to the internet and the Google Assistant, you must first purchase the KlikAanKlikUit ICS-2000 Internet Control Station. That’s an additional $ 129.99 investment, which may not be of value to every user. However, if you have already invested heavily in this system – in devices that can be connected to the station – and you plan to buy more of the same brand, then it may well be an addition. The smart home hub enables operation via the internet.

Do you have the Control Station at home? Good, then we can start. Installing the hub is a piece of cake. You put the plug in the socket and connect the station to your router or modem with the supplied cable. Then you give the device a few minutes. The LED lights on the top should now be green and spin. When the process is complete, the lights will only remain green. If something goes wrong in the meantime, you can recognize it by the red LED lights that light up at that moment.

Give the KlikAanKlikUit system some time to configure itself and download updates. In the meantime, download the KlikAanKlikUit app from Google Play or the App Store and register as a new user if you do not have any login details yet. If you do have that information, you can log in with your existing account. You can now add the Internet Control Station within the app. Follow the steps on the screen. Make sure the smart home hub is connected to the same network as on your mobile phone.

Link KlikAanKlikUit to Google Home

If everything went well (if not, go through the steps again or contact customer service) then we can add the system to the Google Assistant. In principle, this works in the same way as normal. You open the Google Home app on your smartphone and press the button for adding new devices (if you already have the new design of the Home app, you will find that button at the top left). Press Set up device and then the option Have you already set up something? .

You will now be taken to a new screen, with a list of available brands and manufacturers. You will see a magnifying glass at the top right. If you click on it, you can then search for KlikAanKlikUit. While typing the name, the correct brand will appear. Tap on it and then log in with the data you have just created or with which you have just logged in. The KlikAanKlikUit Internet Control Station, also known as Octopus, is not in the list of available devices – but don’t worry, it should be.

KlikAanKlikUit app

Now that the station is connected to the internet and works with the Google Assistant, we can go back to the KlikAanKlikUit app. Within the app you can now create rooms to which you can add products. For this example we will use the Kitchen room and add a Wireless Switching Set (those are smart sockets). After adding the room in the home screen, open the room and press the plus sign at the top right. Then select the brand KlikAanKlikUit.

Now you have to make a choice from the available lines of KlikAanKlikUit. The box states under which line the products fall. In the case of the Set wireless switching it is the Start Line, which we choose. How you add it to the app may differ per product. In this case, we must first connect the smart sockets with the supplied remote control. You can read how to do this in the instruction booklet. Fortunately, this is also not very difficult and you can arrange this within a minute.

Within the KlikAanKlikUit app you can add products in two ways: via the Connect and Clone option. In our case we can clone the signal, because the device is already paired with the remote control. By following the instructions on the image again after making the choice, the product is linked to the app, and therefore also the Internet Control Station and the Google Assistant. If you now go back to Google Home, there is a new icon: in this specific case, it is one for such a smart socket.

Operate KlikAanKlikUit products

Because we did not yet have a smart appliance in the kitchen, we have now added a cup of Kitchen. The section is also at the top of the home screen. We have linked a dumb kitchen lamp to it, so that it can now be operated remotely – also from outside the home. By tapping the icon, you will see the controls on a large screen. When you tap the gear at the top right, you will arrive at the other options. Here you can also remove the smart socket from your own home.

You can also operate the smart socket with voice control. We have called the first socket Kitchen Lamp and the second Screen, because it is linked to a computer monitor. By saying “Hey Google, turn on the kitchen lamp”, the Google Assistant knows that you mean the KlikAanKlikUit socket. In this case, replace the ‘kitchen lamp’ with another connected device (for example, ‘screen’ or whatever you prefer) and the Assistant knows exactly which socket to control it.

However, the Google Assistant does not know that it is actually a lamp. When you say “Hey Google, turn off all lights”, in this case Kitchen light will remain on. That is of course because it is not a lamp for the voice assistant, but a smart socket. And via that socket it is not possible to find out which product is in it. You can say: “Hey Google, turn off all plugs” or “Hey Google, turn off all outlets”. The digital assistant then switches off all smart sockets in the house.