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Line Magnetic LM-32DAC: D / A converter with tube & transistor output stage

With the LM-32DAC, the manufacturer Line Magnetic is introducing an interesting D / A converter, which both tube and transistor fans should get their money’s worth. Both worlds are united in this device – and can be called up.

Line Magnetic LM-32DAC: Tube DAC Features

Let’s start with the converter section: This is where the well-known ESS9028Pro from ESS-Saber is used, which – depending on the input – can process PCM material up to 32 bit / 384 kHz as well as DSD256. Five digital inputs are on board: USB-B, Toslink, AES / EBU, S / PDIF coaxial via Cinch and BNC.

For the subsequent analog signal processing, the user can choose between one Tube branch with two 12AU7 tubes or a classic Transistor circuit. It is worth mentioning that the analog and digital parts are equipped with separate and conceptually different power supplies. The digital branch was given an RL transformer with high-precision transistor rectification, while a toroidal transformer with high current delivery capacity and a tube rectifier stage are used for the analog circuits.

Line Magnetic LM-32DAC: Tidy interior with separate power supplies for digital and analog parts

Sound sources are selected or tube and transistor output stages are activated via three push buttons on the front. A dot matrix display provides information about the current signal source and its resolution. The converted signal can be tapped symmetrically and asymmetrically.

The Line Magnetic LM-32DAC is available now – for the price of 2,499 euros.


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