Lindemann Musicbook Source II & Power II – Streamer & Amplifier

Lindemann Musicbook Source II & Power II - Streamer & Amplifier has been launched in the market with different variants and prices.

News from Upper Bavaria: The manufacturer Lindemann has its output stage power and its digital source device Source (available with and without CD drive) revised – both products now have a Roman 2 (“II”) attached to their names.

Lindemann Musicbook Power II: technology and features

The current version of this Class D stereo output stage is actually a hybrid circuit, but of course not consisting of a tube and transistor stage: The voltage is amplified via a linear J-FET amplifier stage, while the adjustment to the loudspeakers, i.e. the flanking the amplified input voltage with the necessary current, via the N-core circuit technology (Class-D).

Lindemann Musicbook Power II back: symmetrical inputs and bi-amping option with adjustable bass

An exciting feature of this power amplifier is the possibility of vertical bi-amping (which of course requires the purchase of two power amplifiers for stereo sound): The Lindemann amp offers one tap each for the low and mid-high frequencies, whereby the bass can be fine-tuned in ten stages. The Musicbook Power II is available in the Power II 500 version with 2 x 250 watts at 4 ohms and as the Power II 1000 with 2 x 500 watts at 4 ohms.

Lindemann Musicbook Source II: What is on offer?

The all-rounder (streamer, DAC, prepress) Musicbook Source has been further developed. This applies on the one hand to the integrated analog pre-stage and the headphone output, which is now supposed to safely drive headphones with 16 ohms impedance. On the other hand, the firmware in particular was extensively updated. Tidal and Spotify are now supported directly (“Connect”), various bug fixes have been made and new features have been added – for example, the bypassing of the analog volume control for the fixed level output or the display of the sample rate for digital inputs.

But it’s not just the new Lindemann customers who can look forward to it: the tried and tested models Limetree Bridge, Limetree Network and Musicbook Source I can also be brought up to date with a free firmware update.

Oh yes: Despite global supply chain difficulties, Lindemann gives the green light for punctual deliveries: “Made in Germany” makes it possible …

Lindemann Musicbook Source II & Power II

The streamer-DAC preamplifier combination Lindemann Musicbook Source II and the stereo power amplifier Lindemann Musicbook Power II


  • Lindemann Musicbook Power II 500: 2,690 euros
  • Lindemann Musicbook Power II 1000: 3,590 euros
  • Lindemann Musicbook Source II: 3,590 euros
  • Lindemann Musicbook Source II CD: 3,890 euros