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LG’s mobile travel projector LG PH510PG projects 2.5 hours on battery

LG's introduced a new mobile travel projector called LG PH510PG whose battery life is as long as 2.5 hours with a complete charge.
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Thanks to the integrated battery , the LG PH510PG can get by for 2.5 hours without a socket . However, the image is not very high-resolution.

LG has introduced a portable mini projector that can be taken with you when you travel. The PH510PG has a maximum resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels and can project this resolution onto a screen diagonal of 25 to 100 inches. According to the manufacturer, an image size of 40.15 inches is possible from a distance of 124 cm. So it is not a short-throw projector.


LG uses the DLP technology common in cheaper projectors, which uses mirrors to reflect light beams from an LED lamp onto a screen. The lamp shines with 550 lumens, which makes it useful to darken the room. In addition, it should have a runtime of 30,000 hours, which is quite high. The projection covers 110 percent of the old NTSC color space, which roughly corresponds to the common Adobe RGB color space.

LG PH510PG with VGA and HDMI

The projector also fits older computers thanks to the integrated VGA connection. This is still used in some video conference rooms or schools. Alternatively, the now much more widespread HDMI standard can be used. It is also possible to switch from 16: 9 to 4: 3 format – for example for some Powerpoint presentations.

The projector integrates its own battery. That is enough for an operating time of two and a half hours. In addition, two 1 watt speakers are built in, which can be used for audio playback in an emergency. A screen sharing function can be used via wireless connection, which displays the content of a connected smartphone.

The PH510PG costs around 670 euros at retail partners. There it bears the designation PH550G, but is linked directly from LG and has identical technical data

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