LG microLED TV plans: True μLED, QμLED and MμLED.

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LG is currently a master when it comes to OLED, but the Korean manufacturer is already looking beyond the OLED technology, MicroLED with LG microLED TV. That may be the successor to OLED and LG seems to be already using it through the registration of various trademarks; True μLED, QμLED and MμLED.

LG Electronics has registered the names True μLED, QμLED and MμLED as names for the microled display technology. Nothing is known about actual microled products from the Korean manufacturer, but it seems that we will soon see the first progress of the company in this area. In February, the message already appeared that LG would work on a microled TV that is larger than The Wall the first micro-television of Samsung

The μ in the names LG wants to register for micro, which again refers to the minuscule LEDs that we find on a microled screen. Just like OLED, microled is a ‘self-emitting display technology’ in which the pixels (very small LEDs) provide light themselves. The technology is still in its infancy because it is very difficult to make LEDs (pixels) so small that they fit into a TV for the living room in high resolution. Samsung currently only has a 146-inch version on the market and would soon also want to launch a 75-inch version.