LG Wing is the name of the first Explorer Project smartphone

LG confirms the name of its first Explorer Project smartphone as LG Wing. It has two screens that are on top of each other.
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LG has confirmed the name of the first smartphone that falls under the new Explorer Project: the special phone called LG Wing.

This is the LG Wing

Last week, LG released a teaser for a smartphone covered by the new Explorer Project. Devices covered all have remarkable and unique designs and functions. With the new line, LG wants to introduce devices on the market that are innovative and that add something to the user-friendliness. This is not the only focus: LG still makes ‘normal’ smartphones.

To date, LG has confirmed little about the new products. However, the first product will be a smartphone running on a Qualcomm processor. Unfortunately, the South Korean company has not yet announced which processor, but we may find out soon enough. The device must be announced on September 14.

LG has now confirmed that the device will soon be known as the LG Wing. That name comes from somewhere, as it really looks like the smartphone has wings. The LG Wing has two screens that are on top of each other. You can set the screens in such a way that a T-shape is created. That shape can be used for various things, such as gaming.

Unfortunately, no other specifications are available at the time of writing. However, there is still the rumor that the device will cost more than a thousand dollars (and therefore more than a thousand euros) when it appears on the market later this year. The possible release date is somewhere in the fall, but that is again unconfirmed information. In any case, it seems that this is LG’s answer to the foldable smartphones that we now see appearing here and there, from Samsung , among others . The wait is now for LG, which itself has to make more known.