LG will show bendable 48-inch OLED screen at CES 2021

LG will show bendable 48-inch OLED screen - It is reveieled that The South Korean manufacturer will present bendable 48-inch OLED screen during CES 2021
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LG will show bendable 48-inch OLED screen : Just before CES 2021 starts, LG has already made a nice announcement. The South Korean manufacturer has announced a 48-inch bendable OLED screen with a built-in audio system. According to LG, this is the first screen in the world that can be curved.

LG will show bendable 48-inch OLED screen

LG’s Bendable Sound OLED display is a bendable version of the 48-inch OLED panel that LG introduced last year. The screen is completely aimed at the gamers among us, complete with a built-in audio system. The screen can be bent with a radius of 1,000 mm, so that you can use the screen as a television one time and use it as a curved gaming monitor the other time. In curved mode, LG says the display should provide an immersive experience, with the perfect viewing angles off the center of the screen.

The screen features LG’s Crystal Sound OLED technology. This means that the screen itself vibrates very slightly and thus produces sound. So there are no physical speakers available: the screen is the audio system. In addition, the display has a 0.1ms response time, a refresh rate of 120Hz, VRR support and the 4K resolution.

The ‘Bendable Sound OLED display’ will be officially presented to the world by LG Display next week. Whether a production model will also appear on the market this year – and which brand will be on it – is not yet known.