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LG webOS 6.0 brings new homescreen and new remote to 2021 TVs

LG has announced that on its new TVs that will be launched from this year (2021) will be equipped with new webOS, that is LG webOS 6.0
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LG webOS 6.0

The new version of webOS will be called LG webOS 6.0 and will at least appear on televisions that will be marketed this year. The most important change is reflected on the home screen. This used to be a bar at the bottom of the screen, placed over the content you are watching. Within webOS 6.0 the home screen is now a full screen dashboard, called ‘New Home’.

The reason behind this full-screen dashboard, according to LG, is that we want to find interesting content faster and faster. With a dashboard that contains a lot of information, LG can offer us films, apps, series and other forms of content faster. This is done based on the viewer’s preferences and viewing history.

It is striking that at the top left of the dashboard a block appears to have been served for sponsored content or advertising. In almost no case this is good for users, but it is unclear whether this can be turned off. Furthermore, the dashboard consists of large blocks for the weather and the search function, plus small tiles for suggestions and apps. You also get access to the settings of the TV via the dashboard.

In addition, LG is introducing a new Magic Remote remote control for its 2021 televisions. Although the remote looks a bit less slick than the previous generation of Magic Remotes, the functionality is the same. You can point to parts on the screen with the remote control and select them with the push of a button. The new remote comes standard with voice control via Alexa or the Google Assistant. Buttons for Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prima and ‘LG Channels’ have also been added. According to LG, the new remote should also be better in hand than its predecessor. Finally, the remote control features NFC, which means that content can be shared from a smartphone with the TV with a simple touch.

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