LG W8 series and G8 series oled TVs appear in the Netherlands and Belgium

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After the affordable C8 series and the premium E8 series oled TVs from LG already appeared in the Benelux, it is now the turn of the absolute top models, in terms of design at least. The G8 series and W8 series are now in various stores. Especially for the ‘wallpaper’ TV in the W8 series, however, the pouch needs to be tested.

The new OL OLTVs do not differ from each other in terms of image quality. They are all equipped with the same processor and features. The difference is mainly in the design and audio reproduction.

LG W8 series

The W8 series is the top model and is also called the ‘wallpaper’ TV. This sleek TV can be attached to the wall by means of magnets and comes with a sound bar to which all peripherals can be connected. LG brings a 65-inch and a 77-inch version on the market, for which 72.99 euro and 14.99 euro respectively have to be deposited.

LG G8 series

The G8 series comes with the same slim panel as the W8 models but then placed on a glass housing with built-in soundbar. So it is a W8 series placed on a foot. For the time being, only a 65-inch version of this model will be available, with a price of 5,499 euros.

More information

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