LG ‘Smart Bed’ – Transparent OLED TV for the bed

LG 'Smart Bed' is not a SmartHome bed but a a 55-inch transparent OLED screen TV for the bed which is transparent even when it is playing

LG ‘Smart Bed’: We have seen transparent OLED televisions pop up at trade fairs for years, but a really useful application for consumers has still not appeared. LG Display, however, thinks it has found that application with ‘Smart Bed’.┬áThis is a transparent OLED screen for the bedroom.

LG’s prototype screen is a 55-inch transparent OLED screen. You can see through the screen, even when images are shown on it. Where previous prototypes offered 10 percent transparency, this model can go up to 40 percent transparency.

In LG’s vision, the screen is used at the foot of the bed, where the screen slides partially or completely out of a housing. The screen can thus serve as an information screen for music, news or weather. But you can also watch a movie on it.

The case should be mobile according to LG Display, so changing location should be relatively easy. According to LG, the audio solution has been incorporated into the housing, although it is not clear what exactly can be expected from this.

For the time being it seems to be a prototype again. A price or launch date is therefore not known. But on the other hand: what exactly does a transparent screen in the bedroom add?

You can watch the video of in given link too which was shown on a Youtube channel Marc Amstoutz.

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