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LG shows 175-inch MicroLED television during IFA 2018

LG shows 175-inch MicroLED television during IFA 2018
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Big, bigger, biggest. That is the motto of recent years when it comes to televisions at trade fairs. At the beginning of this year it was still Samsung who took the credit; thanks to the company’s 146-inch microled television. But there is a chance that LG will take over the baton from Samsung in more than a week; with a 175-inch microled television that would be shown at IFA 2018.

The IFA trade fair in Berlin is approaching again, which means that the major manufacturers will show what they have in store and work on. LG is not only working on OLED, the technology that the company has achieved a lot of success with. LG is also researching the possibilities of microled, a new technique that several parties are working on. According to Korean media in Berlin, LG would even want to show a 175-inch prototype of microLED television in Berlin

Just like OLED, microled is a self-emitting display technology where the pixels (very small LEDs) give themselves a light. The technology is still in its infancy because it is very difficult to make LEDs (pixels) so small that they fit into a TV for the living room in high resolution. However, Samsung would like to introduce a consumer MicroLED television on the market. We patiently wait for what we will see during IFA 2018.

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