LG releases wireless M3 OLED TV for 7,000 euros (update)

LG is launching its first wireless OLED TV. The South Korean company launches the M3 OLED television for a converted price of 7,000 euros.

Last January, LG announced the M3 OLED television. This very slim model is very similar to the company’s G3 series, but unlike the G3 series, it is wireless. There will be three formats on the market; the 77-inch variant comes with the MLA (Micro Lens Array) technology, and the 83-inch and 97-inch variants have to do without this technology.

The M3 televisions come with the Zero Connect box that sends the TV signal wirelessly to the television. This runs via LG’s ‘Zero Connect’ wireless platform, which communicates on the 60Hz bandwidth. The only thing the television needs is a solid power supply. The television can be hung on the wall or placed on a special base.

LG promises that the television can receive a signal of up to 4K/120Hz wirelessly, including Dolby Atmos. Almost everything is processed in the external box, including three HDMI 2.1 ports, two USB ports, an optical input, and an Ethernet connection. In addition, the M3 series has webOS 23, the new Alpha 9 Gen6 processor, and support for Dolby Vision.

In the United Kingdom, LG announced the price of the 77-inch model this week. There, the television must appear on the market for 6,000 British Pounds, the equivalent of 7,000 euros. The television should also appear in other European markets later this year.

Update 04/08: The prices of the 83-inch model and 97-inch model have also been announced. In the UK, these will cost 8,000 British Pounds and 28,000 British Pounds, respectively.