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LG MoodUp Refrigerator Has Color-Changing LED Door Panels

LG has introduce LG MoodUp Refrigerator Has Color-Changing LED Door Panels along with some other eye catching new technology innovations.

The LG MoodUp Refrigerator has color-changing LED door panels. You can choose the colors of the panels yourself. Let the refrigerator integrate perfectly into your interior or choose all kinds of bright colors to be nice and different. The fridge even has a built-in speaker to make it a party together with the LED door panels.

LG MoodUp Refrigerator

Through the LG ThinQ app, you can choose from 22 different colors for the top panels and 19 colors for the bottom panels. You can do this manually, but you can also choose from themes such as the seasons or your current mood. The built-in speaker works via bluetooth. If you want to, you can even synchronize the panels with the music.

Of course, it’s not just about the outside, the inside is also important. According to LG, the MoodUp uses the latest fresh-keeping technologies, just like the other refrigerators of the brand. These include advanced technologies to keep your food fresher for longer, sensors that indicate when the door is not closed properly and motion sensors that light up the panels when you are nearby. At night they do this extra carefully with a low brightness, so that you are not immediately wide awake.

If you switch off the panels, the refrigerator has a combination of Lux Gray and Lux ​​White colours. The MoodUp is equipped with artificial intelligence to also integrate perfectly with other home appliances of the brand. The costs are not yet known at the moment, but we were able to see the LG MoodUp ourselves during the IFA 2022. What do you think? Nice for the kitchen or too much fun?

LG Tiiun

The word looks like garden and it actually is. LG will also be working on small indoor gardens, so that you can grow vegetables or herbs at home. Not much is known about it, but we came across the LG Tiiun at the LG booth.

Shoe care from LG

We were also able to see the LG Styler ShoeCase and ShoeCare. These devices display and care for your shoes. The latter uses steam to remove odors and freshen up your shoes. Also read it news item about these devices.