LG with major Android updates: makes a promise for three

LG with major Android updates: LG still Android 12 to one select number of devices wanted to bring. According to official statement of manufacturer

LG with major Android updates: Last Monday, LG announced to from the smartphone market to step. What about the software updates of the latest devices that have yet to be released? Two days ago it turned out that the South Korean manufacturer at least still Android 12 to one select number of devices wanted to bring. Today there is more clarity about the upcoming update policy. And that seems to be good news.

LG with major Android updates

LG has made the promise that it will provide Android updates for new smartphones for another three years. These are premium devices that will receive up to three iterations of the new Android version. The three OS updates guarantee applies to the G Series, V Series, Velvet and Wing. Devices in the K Series and LG Style receive two major Android updates.

LG continues to produce in the second quarter

In the same statement the South Korean manufacturer also announced that it still has contractual obligations with telephone companies and partners. It will therefore continue to produce smartphones from one of the previously launched series in the second quarter. So you don’t have to worry that you won’t get major Android updates anymore. There is a chance that you will soon be able to purchase a smartphone from LG for a competitive price, now that the company has decided to stop on the smartphone market. In terms of specifications, there is nothing wrong with LG’s smartphones.

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