LG introduces 2024 QNED LCD LED TVs

LG introduces 2024 QNED LCD LED TVs- LG has already announced its QNED televisions for 2024. Read here for detail

CES 2024 has yet to start, but LG has already announced its QNED televisions for 2024. The South Korean manufacturer is launching new LCD LED TVs in sizes up to 98 inches.

WebOS 2024

Of course, LG will also launch a new version of the webOS smart TV system in 2024. webOS 24 will come to all models launched in 2022 or later, and from now on, LG promises four years of updates for all televisions sold.

In 2024, webOS is still a full-screen smart TV interface, but there are innovations to be found. For example, we now see a user profile, settings, and search function on the left side. At the top, we see the infamous spot for advertisements, just like at the bottom of the screen. The ‘cards’ in the second row are now dynamic, showing you functions as you hover over them.

Also new is the option to create up to ten profiles, with a separate PIN code for each profile if desired. By 2024, almost all models will have Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast. In addition, the Matter standard for the smart home is supported.

Specifications and prices

Next week, LG will announce more details about its new televisions during CES 2024. We will publish a complete overview once we have received all the information.