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LG is expanding production OLED panels with new Chinese factory

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LG Display is going to expand the production of OLED panels substantially again in the coming years. The Korean manufacturer has been granted permission from the Chinese government to build a new factory in Guangzhou, specially equipped for the production of OLED panels.

The new factory will be located in an LG Display location, next to the factory producing LCD panels. However, the Korean manufacturer is not the sole owner of the new plant. LG Display has entered into a joint venture with a still unknown party and holds 70 percent of the shares.

The aim is to use the new OLED plant in the second half of next year. The focus of the factory is on relatively large OLED panels, for example for OLED TVs. The manufacturer sees that, especially in China, the demand for OLED TVs is rising rapidly and of course wants to take advantage of that. Once the factory is open, the total production capacity of OLED panels will be around 130,000 pieces per month. 70,000 of these come from South Korea, 60,000 of them must come from China. Ultimately, the Chinese capacity has to be scaled up to 90,000 panels.

LG Display is currently the largest manufacturer of OLED panels and also supplies almost all TV producers with panels. This is how the OLED panels from Philips TVs, Sony TVs and LG TVs come from LG Display.

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