LG E8 oled TV series for sale in the Netherlands and Belgium

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Last week we already came across the new C8 oled TV series from LG at various stores, this week it’s the E8 series. This new premium oled TV series consists of a 55-inch and a 65-inch model.

LG E8-series for sale in the Netherlands and Belgium

Of course, the W8 series is also the flagship series of LG this year. This series consists of very thin models that can be glued to the wall as wallpaper. In addition, this model comes with an external soundbar. But, if you do not need that feature then you get exactly the same image quality in the underlying series.

The E8 series is one of those underlying series. The 55-inch and 65-inch model in this series have a picture-on-glass design, so the OLED panel is placed on a glass panel. The soundbar is again to be found under the screen this year but a lot slimmer than last year.

All OLED TVs from LG have the same visual features, including the 4K Ultra HD resolution, HDR0 support (HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision), the new Alpha processor and of course the webOS smart TV platform with voice control.

Price and availability

The 55-inch OLED55E8PLA has been awarded a price of 3,299 euros, while the 65-inch OLED65E8PLA costs 4,999 euros. . An overview of all models, specifications and features can be found in the LG 2018 oled tv line-up.