LG dominates in oled TV market, followed by Sony

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Research by Digitimes shows that LG is currently the absolute market leader in the field of OLED TVs. The South Korean manufacturer would have shipped 1.5 million oled TVs last year, representing 75 percent of all shipped oled TVs in 2017. Sony is following suitably with 200,000 units.

According to Digitimes, the expectation is that the number of oled TVs has increased from 2 million units to 3 million units this year. LG is expected to remain the market leader with no less than 2 million shipped models, which would be a decrease of the share to 66 percent. Sony follows again remotely but increases its share to 500,000 shipped copies.

The other 500,000 shipped OLED TVs are distributed by manufacturers such as Panasonic, Philips, Loewe and various Chinese companies. Of course, almost 100 percent of the panels will come back to LG Display this year. The company produces OLED panels for Sony, LG, Panasonic, Philips and Loewe, among others. LG Display will shortly be opening its 10.5G oled factory where panels with the 8K resolution can be produced.