LG announces the first Mini-LED TVs under the name QNED

LG announces the first Mini-LED TVs under the name QNED. The South Korean manufacturer has announced its first QNED TVs based of Mini-LED technology

LG announces the first Mini-LED TVs: CES 2021 will start in about two weeks. Almost all major players in the field of consumer electronics will introduce their newest products during this – now virtual – fair. LG has already lifted a corner of the veil today. The South Korean manufacturer has announced its first QNED televisions that use the Mini-LED technology.

LG QNED TV series – The first Mini-LED TVs

LG will launch the QNED television series in 2021. QNED stands for quantum nanocell Mini-LED. We already know the first two parts from previous line-ups, the second part is one of the trends for 2021. The Mini-LED technology is simply an improved version of the LCD LED technology that we have seen in recent years. The LCD screen is as it remains, but the background lighting with this technology consists of thousands of small LEDs (Mini-LED) that can be controlled in very small groups. The advantages of Mini-LED are a higher contrast and a higher brightness. Do you want to know more? Then read us background article about Mini-LED and Micro-LED.

The QNED televisions that LG will bring to the market next year will come in 4K and 8K variants and sizes up to 86 inches. According to LG, the 86-inch model is equipped with 30,000 LEDs and 2,500 dimming zones. This should ensure a contrast of 1,000,000: 1 and a more accurate color reproduction compared to existing LCD TVs. LG releases the QNED televisions as premium LCD televisions, but still keeps the OLED televisions as the absolute top models. After all, these TVs have millions of pixels that emit light and can be controlled.

LG is not the only manufacturer to release Mini-LED in 2021. Also Samsung seems to come with Mini-LED models and on top of that has TCL TVs with Mini-LED already on the market. In any case, it will not get any easier for the consumer with yet another new term. In addition to OLED and QLED, you now also have to choose from QNED. In addition, Samsung will certainly also add a letter further down the alphabet to complete the confusion.

CES 2021 will take place in early January and we will hear and see all the details from both Samsung and LG.

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