LG announces prices for 2023 OLED TVs in Europe

LG announces prices launch dates for 2023 OLED TVs in Europe.

In Germany, LG has announced the prices of its 2023 OLED televisions. The company is marketing the top model for this year – the 77-inch G3 series – for 6,299 euros. The cheapest OLED television in the B series has a suggested retail price of 1,899 euros. Of course these are all recommended prices and there is a good chance that they will not be held to for long.

The most important innovation in image quality can be found in the G3 series. These models are equipped with the MLA technique in which minuscule lenses provide higher brightness and better viewing angles. However, this update only applies to the 55-inch, 65-inch and 77-inch model in this series. The 83-inch variant still comes with a ‘standard’ OLED.EX panel.

Series Format Launch Price
B3 55 April € 1899
B3 65 April €2799
B3 77 April €4499
C3 42 March €1699
C3 48 March €1799
C3 55 March €2399
C3 65 March €3199
C3 77 March €5299
C3 83 March €7199
G3 55 March €2799
G3 65 March €3999
G3 77 March €6299
G3 83 March € 8699
Z3 77 March €14,999
Z3 88 May €29,999