LG announces LG Rollable: smartphone with roll-out screen

LG announces LG Rollable: smartphone with roll-out screen during its CES presentation. Idea is a phone with a OLED rollable screen of 6.7-inch
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LG has lifted a corner of the veil before, but now we also have a name. LG’s rollout smartphone is called LG Rollable. LG has not released much about the phone, but did let it pass by as part of the CES presentation.

CES presentation LG

To see the teaser, watch the CES presentation below LG Looking back. This was held online as a video conference this year in connection with the corona virus. LG marketing chief Jin-hong Kim presents the presentation, which initially shows a phone that is flexible in its format. More interesting, however, is the end of the presentation. Kim has then completed the presentation and walks away. Then the name LG Rollable is also shown.

LG is not the first smartphone supplier to experiment with the size of the device. Oppo previously presented a roll-out concept phone. In November, the Chinese smartphone maker came with a phone with a OLED screen 6.7-inch, which can be rolled out to a 7.4-inch screen.

In any case, the development of fold-out telephones seems to be making way for roll-out models as a trend. TLC and Samsung would both work on smartphones with roll-out screens. That in itself is a logical next step on fold-out telephones. After all, smartphone makers have already discovered how a screen that bends can work. However, it is now no longer about a hinge, but a fully roll-out screen that can therefore fold in several places.

Above: Oppo’s roll-out phone.

LG Rollable

When we hear more about LG Rollable, it’s still unknown. Clearly, LG has chosen to warm the public at CES, no doubt for a bigger announcement later this year. Given the competition, that announcement may well come sooner than LG initially intended.