LG brings Gallery mode to 2018 LCD TVs

LG brings Gallery mode: This mode now also comes to the company's LCD TVs, and a partnership with Tripadvisor has been announced.
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LG is currently delivering its 2018 oled TVs with the so-called Gallery mode, a mode that allows you to display works of art or photographs in a way that makes the TV look like a painting on the wall. This mode (LG brings Gallery mode) now also comes to the company’s LCD TVs, and a partnership with Tripadvisor has been announced.

LG brings Gallery mode

If you have a 2018 oled TV from LG and do not use the TV actively, you can activate the Gallery mode. This ensures that beautiful images of paintings or photographs are shown on TV, with a list around them. There is already a small selection of images available, but that offer is now being expanded thanks to a partnership with Tripadvisor. In the first instance it concerns summer images of beautiful places in the world, later followed by pictures for autumn and winter.

In addition, LG announces that the Gallery mode will not be limited to the oled tv’s of the company. Soon owners of a LG 2018 lcd LED TV (The SKxxx series) will also be able to use Gallery mode.

More and more brands are focusing on the use of the TV as a work of art. For example, Samsung has introduced the Ambient mode this year, which allows the TV to take over the color and structure of the wall behind it. As a result, the TV becomes more integral with its environment. We also know The Frame from Samsung, a TV with a stylish design and the possibility to display works of art.