LG 2021 OLED TV Prices known – These cost of the top models

This article will reveal LG 2021 OLED TV Prices published in Germany including 83-inch OLED TV, new OLED Evo, LG Z1 series and others
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LG 2021 OLED TV Prices : If we look at the prices of OLED televisions for 2021, it is clear that price cuts are not yet possible. Also this year the OLED models are the absolute top models and the prices are accordingly. The new format, an 83-inch OLED TV, costs 8,000 euros. The new OLED Evo panels start at 2,400 euros.

The most notable series is the G1 series, consisting of models that come with the new OLED Evo panel. This OLED panel offers a higher brightness than the panels of the previous generation. The 55-inch version in the G1 series will cost 2,400 euros, while the 77-inch version will cost 6,500 euros. The G1 series should appear on the market in April.

The C1 series comes with the new 83-inch screen size. However, 8,000 euros must be deposited for this model and you can go to the store for it from June. This makes the 77-inch version a lot cheaper compared to last year, with a price of 5,300 euros. We find a no cheaper 77-inch OLED television in the B1 series, for 5,000 euros. With the exception of the 83-inch variant, all TVs in the B and C series will be on the market in April. The prices of the even cheaper A-series will be announced later.

If you want to go for 8K oled, the prices will go up rapidly. The 77-inch variant in the Z1 series will be priced at 20,000 euros, while the 88-inch variant will cost 30,000 euros.

An overview of all models, including specifications and an explanation of the innovations, can be found via the link below.

All prices of LG 2021 OLED TV Prices

Below you will find an overview of the LG 2021 OLED TV Prices published in Germany.

LG A1 series 48-inch

LG B1 series 55-inch
1,800 euros
2,700 euros
5,000 euros
LG C1 series 48-inch
1,650 euros
2,000 euros
2,800 euros
5,300 euros
8,000 euros
LG G1 series 55-inch
2,400 euros
3,500 euros
6,500 euros
LG Z1 series 77-inch
20,000 euros
30,000 euros