LG 2018 soundbar systems for sale

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LG has started selling its latest soundbar home cinema systems for 2018. The Korean manufacturer brings a lot of new models to the market, including the SK10Y, the absolute top model. Almost all models are now available from stock.

LG SK10Y soundbar for sale

The new LG SK10Y soundbar is the top model for 2018 and has been developed for an optimal home cinema experience in the living room. The soundbar has a capacity of 550 watts and supports 5.1.2 output thanks to Dolby Atmos technology. With Dolby Atmos, sound can be placed in a three-dimensional space for a compelling sound from all directions. The soundbar is equipped with several loudspeakers for this.

The cooperation with Meridian Audio is also reflected in the SK10Y loudspeaker. Meridian has equipped the SK10Y with various technical innovations such as the Bass and Space technology to envelop listeners into rich and uncompromising audio. In addition, the LG SK10Y soundbar supports high resolution audio files. The soundbar can play sound up to 40 kHz and the soundbar also has a built-in sound-enhancing function that increases the quality of standard audio files up to 24bit/192Hz.

In addition to this model, LG also introduces the SK9Y. This soundbar is largely comparable to the SK10Y but is not co-developed by Meredian Technology. In addition, the power is slightly lower and the design differs. A complete overview of all models can be found in the LG 2018 soundbar overview.