Launching Musical Fidelity LS3/5A and LS5/9 Loudspeakers

Launching Musical Fidelity LS3/5A and LS5/9 Loudspeakers - a two-way standmount loudspeaker

Musical Fidelity LS3/5A and LS5/9 loudspeakers

The extraordinary vitality of the British brand Musical Fidelity since its integration into the Austrian Pro-Ject Audio Systems has just been reflected in two new products that will delight lovers of the best and most timeless Hi-Fi: a careful reissue of the mythical monitors LS3/5A and LS5/9whose base specifications were established by the research and development department of the respected BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). Originally designed for listening sessions in places with limited space, such as mobile television control rooms, the LS3/5A started from strict specifications aimed at achieving a perfectly linear frequency response curve down to 100 Hz with excellent sound quality.

Thanks to the use of an enclosed area and a 2-way/2-speaker configuration extremely refined in terms of transducers and crossover filter, the LS3/5A immediately convinces by the cleanliness and speed of its sound restitution, highlighting especially the detail and realism from the middle area. Another relevant aspect of this refined ultra-compact monitor is the credibility of the sound scene and the sharpness in the restoration of voices and instruments it provides, which also makes it an ideal option for music lovers and demanding audiophiles with small living rooms and audio equipment “motorized” by highly musical attack electronics. For her part, the LS5/9 it’s an acoustic box 2-way/2-speaker bass reflex and medium dimensions designed to reproduce sound at high sound pressure levels with all kinds of musical genres, from classical to pop.

Since this model was originally designed for use in recording studio sits, creators imposed from the first moment minimize coloring so that the music remained unchanged. In this sense, the use of a bass-reflex acoustic configuration allows the LS5/9 to achieve very high volume levels while providing restitution exceptionally honest that puts into the hands of the music enthusiast exactly what the recording engineer was looking for. Likewise, this monitor allows the user to adjust volume treble via stepped resistances to tailor the sound to your listening preferences. To finish, let’s point out that the LS3/5A and the LS5/9 are entirely built in the European Union.