Launched: Wilson Audio LōKē Active Subwoofer

Wilson Audio LōKē launched. This new subwoofer exhibits lots of qualities and looks a solid deal for music lovers.

In tune with an “ethos” whose sole objective is to push the sound reproduction experience in the home to the limit, the Special Engineering Applications department of the legendary loudspeaker manufacturer American Wilson Audioknown by its acronym WASAEhas just launched the Loke, an elegant and advanced active subwoofer with DSP management which is the perfect complement to the ecosystem based on the ultra-compact monitor TuneTot of the Utah firm. In the development of the Loke, which is the product of its kind more compact Developed by Wilson Audio to date, several critical parameters were taken into account in order to fine-tune a component that was much more than just the bass extension of the aforementioned TuneTot.

As a result, Wilson Audio’s new subwoofer not only exhibits the full compatibility with any installation made up of TuneTot monitors, but also with the brand’s smallest floor-standing speakers: the SabrinaX, the Yvette, the Sasha DAW and their respective predecessors. Getting into the engineering details of the Loke, let’s point out that the first element considered by Wilson Audio engineers has to do with the construction of the cabinet, often underestimated by many manufacturers. Hence the choice of extremely damped Material X of the American firm for abroad and a combination of said material and HDF (high-density chipboard) for the structure of internal reinforcements, in order to achieve a foundation as robust as possible for the transducer used.

On the other hand, the WASAE team took ideas from Wilson Audio’s larger subwoofers into a subwoofer cabinet that was very easy to set up and manage. That is why in the internal amplifier of the Loke, whose power is 500 continuous watts, the most used functions from renowned subwoofer filter electronics ActivXO from Wilson Audio, including settings for such relevant parameters as cutoff frequency, cutoff slope, phase, and volume level. To this must be added a extremely generous connectivity and the use of complex and widely contrasted formulas to create the bass-reflex port, tailor-made for a perfect match with the carefully selected loudspeaker used, to meet Wilson Audio’s stringent demands for reproducing the lower octaves of the spectrum. To finish, let us point out that the Loke is entirely handmade in United States.

Technical characteristics of Wilson Audio LōKē

  • Reference active bass-reflex subwoofer.
  • Management by menus via DSP.
  • 254 mm transducer designed to perform large displacements.
  • External construction in Wilson Audio X material.
  • Internal reinforcement structure made with Material X and HDF,
  • 500 watt continuous internal amplifier.
  • Settings based on Wilson Audio’s ActivXO Subwoofer Filter.
  • Integrated LCD function display on the rear panel.
  • Seamless integration with Wilson Audio’s Tune Tot compact mini monitor.
  • Ideal to combine with the smaller columns of Wilson Audio.
  • Balanced and unbalanced analog inputs and outputs.
  • Frequency response of 20-250 Hz, +/-1 dB.
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Dimensions: 352’4×527’1×552’4 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 49.9 kg.