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Kruidvat Smart Home: Smart products based on WiFi (Tuya)

In this article you can read everything about the new Kruidvat Smart Home products, including the smart lamps, doorbell and smart cameras.

In this article you can read everything about the new Kruidvat Smart Home products, including the smart lamps, doorbell and smart cameras.

Kruidvat released its own line of smart home products at the beginning of this month under the name Kruidvat Smart Home. The products work via WiFi, run on the Tuya platform and can be operated via an app or voice.

Tuya by Kruidvat

The smarthome products have been popping up like mushrooms lately and that is mainly the refueling of the Chinese people of Tuya. The products that work on this platform and can be released under their own brand are in great demand. By understanding the shops themselves, because there is a good chance that as a consumer you can no longer see the wood for the trees. After Action, HEMA, Marmitek, Wooz and numerous small parties, Kruidvat now also has its own range of affordable, smart products that are produced by Tuya. We have already discussed Tuya in detail and will soon publish an article in which we put all Tuya products of the major retail chains and brands side by side.

Kruidvat Smart Home

The Kruidvat Smart Home range consists of five product groups : lamps, plugs, cameras (and doorbells), alarms and sensors. The retail chain is therefore taking a grand approach. In the field of smart lamps, the company sells E27 and E14 variants, in different shapes and with white or colored light. Prices start at 7.50 euros and go up to 15 euros. A smart GU10 spot can be bought for 5.95 euros.

Smart plugs come in two variants: a rather hefty plug for one plug with a price of 8.99 euros and a plug for two plugs for 14.99 euros. In the field of security, Kruidvat markets a doorbell (49.99 euros), an alarm / siren (7.99 euros), a door sensor (9.99 euros) and a smoke detector (19.99 euros). The doorbell can give a notification when someone moves in front of the door or when someone rings the doorbell. You can also talk to someone who is at the door.

Kruidvat comes with two cameras: an indoor camera for 27.99 euros that can rotate (pan and tilt) and the indoor camera on a tripod for 19.99 euros. Both cameras offer 720p image quality. The smart motion sensor costs 9.99 euros.

WiFi, app and Google Assistant

All Kruidvat Smart Home products work on WiFi. That means that you don’t need a hub for the installation, just the Kruidvat Smart Home app. This free app makes it possible to install and link all products. It is also its own version of the standard Tuya app, so you can also add these products to the Tuya or Smart Life app without any problems.

Within the app you can operate all products, create schedules, create scenes and of course automate. This means that you can, for example, have the siren go off when the motion sensor registers a movement. Or that the lamp comes on as soon as the door sensor sees that a door is opened.

In addition, the products support Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. This means that you can operate or activate all products or created scenes by means of a voice command. Finally, Kruidvat offers a remote control with which linked products, such as lamps, can be controlled.

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