Konami partnership with FC Schalke 04 restores the loss of BVB in PES 2019

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Konami partnership with FC Schalke 04: Last weekend, announced that Borussia Dortmund prematurely terminated the contract with Konami for Pro Evolution Soccer. Where the club should have been part of, among other things, the upcoming PES 2019, this unfortunately no longer happens. Previously, Konami lost all UEFA, but this was somewhat restored with the arrival of more than 7 new competitions in the game.

Konami, however, continues to recover itself, because the loss of BVB is now being taken care of by a new partnership as Konami partnership with FC Schalke 04. They have signed an agreement with none other than FC Schalke 04. This professional German football club may not be as big as BVB, but still a big name within the Bundesliga.

In addition, the club has been doing very well in recent years. the League, with quite a few victories. Funnily enough, the last game played against BVB was also won by Schalke 04.