Klipsch presents Reference Premiere Subwoofers

Klipsch Reference Premiere Subwoofers: Great drivers and wireless support

The North American firm expands its established Reference Premiere line with four new models of bass speakers. In addition to having an elitist and elegant design, they achieve an optimal balance between amplification, driver capacity and cabinet volume, with large drivers capable of going below 20 Hz.

magnetrona company specializing in sound equipment and solutions, launches the brand’s new subwoofers on the Spanish market Klipsch. Four woofers that come to complete the recently renewed line Reference Premiere and that combine perfectly with the rest of the products in the range.

The four models receive the name under different numbers, RP-1000SW, RP-1200SW, RP-1400SW and RP-1600SW, They have to do with the size of the drivers they present. Thus, the first of them has a 10-inch driver and 300W of power; the second, one of 12 inches and 400W of power; the third, of 14 inches and power of 500 W; and the fourth, of 16 and 800 W.

The elegance of ebony

They all feature the same design, finished in scratch-resistant ebony vinyl. Plus, they feature rounded corners to soften lines, rubber feet for cushioning, steel grill posts, and a woven cloth grille for a premium look.

state-of-the-art benefits

Each of these subwoofers has been manufactured to achieve an optimum balance between amplification, driver capacity, and cabinet volume. In this way, they all offer the lowest possible bass extension with maximum performance along with speed and without sacrificing precision, being able to go even below 20 Hz.

Specifically, all four are equipped with a front activation driver with a slot-shaped bass reflex port, also on the front. This system provides additional low-frequency extension, as well as greater placement flexibility by porting in the front rather than the rear.

In the same way, Klipsch has used Cerametallic woofers, which have been redesigned in order to get more power and better performance. They’ve even built into them an analogue preamp stage combined with a Class D power amp. So the preamp maintains the signal path for more accurate reproduction, while the Class D amp provides clean maximum output on the low frequencies. lower frequencies. Proprietary internal geometry with a new Aerofoil slot port design minimizes port noise for clean, undistorted low frequencies.

Wireless connection

RP-1000SW, RP-1200SW, RP-1400SW and RP-1600SW They are characterized by incorporating a wireless connection port that is compatible with the Klipsch WA-2 wireless subwoofer kit. This kit includes a receiver for the subwoofer and a transmitter that connects to the subwoofer/LFE output of a compatible amplifier or AVR. In addition, it allows you to connect up to four subwoofers using a single transmitter.

In addition, they have of the gain, low-pass crossover and phase controls on its rear are easily visible and accessible and offer the possibility of using the two RCA and WA-2 wireless inputs simultaneously, making it possible to connect both line and wireless inputs and leave them connected at the same time. This means being able to use the subwoofer with two systems at the same time, if necessary, without having to unplug it from one system to connect it to the other (as long as they are both in the same room). To all of the above, all four add an energy efficient standby mode so they consume very little power.

RRP RP-1600SW: 1999 euros (VAT included)

PVP RP-1400SW: 1499 euros (VAT included)

PVP RP-1200SW: 1199 euros (VAT included)

RRP RP-1000SW: 999 euros (VAT included)