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KEF launches KC62 subwoofer with Uni-Core technology

British manufacturer KEF launches KC62 subwoofer that is equipped with an Uni-Core technology in Carbon Black and Mineral White colors.
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British audio brand KEF launches KC62 subwoofer this week. The new subwoofer is equipped with the Uni-Core technology with which a deeper sound should be produced despite the smaller cabinet. According to KEF, the new subwoofer is a perfect match for the company’s LS50 series of speakers, including the LS50 Meta.

KEF launches KC62 subwoofer with Uni-Core

The new KC62 subwoofer With a size of 246 x 256 x 248 millimeters, KEF is a very compact subwoofer, but despite its size, the speaker must be able to realize very deep bass. The Uni-Core technology is used for this. Uni-Core combines both back-to-back drivers in a single motor system. The overlapping, concentric ordered voice coils deliver far more driver excursion than other force-canceling designs, and this unlocks far more power and depth from a smaller package.

The subwoofer also comes with P-Flex surround for precise driver movements and the Smart Distortion Control Technology for less distortion. Finally, the P-Flex driver surround has a pleated design, inspired by the Japanese Origami folding art. It has been specially developed to better withstand the sound pressure in the cabinet. This allows the driver to move more accurately compared to conventional surround designs. The KC62’s twin drivers are powered by a 1,000W RMS (2 x 500W) Class D amplifier. The five preset Room Placement EQ functions always deliver the same performance, according to KEF, regardless of where the subwoofer is placed. The subwoofer has various connection options so that it can work with almost any audio system. The line output with HPF provides a refined integration, while KEF SmartConnect eliminates connection problems. The KC62 is also compatible with the KW1 adapter set for wireless connection.

The KEF KC62 comes in two finishes: Carbon Black and Mineral White. The subwoofer should appear on the market in February. The price for the Benelux has not yet been announced.

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