JVC Introduces OLED 4K HDR JVC 9200 Series with Android TV

JVC Introduces a new OLED 4K HDR that supported with Android TV . The upscale sub-4k and SDR videos containing TV called JVC 9200 Series

JVC today launched the new 9200 Series OLED TVs. The 9200 Series consists of two different sizes, namely a 55-inch and a 65-inch. The TVs are equipped with an OLED screen and a refresh rate of 100/120Hz, so that a football match can also be followed well. JVC promises excellent contrast, deep blacks and vibrant colors on the new models.

The JVC 9200 Series

The new OLED TVs offer support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos and you can easily connect a sound system via the eARC HDMI port. The TVs are also equipped with Auto Low Latency Mode, aka ALLM. Specified according to the HDMI 2.1 standard This feature is very useful for gamers with a game console, where the TV can be put in a special game mode with low latency. That means a much smoother gaming experience when required. For example, the PlayStation 5 has recently still got ALL.

The 4K HDR OLED panels of the 9200 Series also upscale sub-4k and SDR videos using SuperResolution. Micro Dimming is also present. Fast-paced action scenes are rendered more smoothly by Motion Estimation/Motion Compensation (ME/MC). On board we find Android TV, which gives you immediate access to a wide range of apps and Google Assistant is also present.

Price and availability

The JVC 9200 Series are available immediately in the Europe. Prices will follow as soon as possible.

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