July update for Xbox One off: games are downloaded differently

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Owners of an Xbox One can now expect a brand new update for their game computer: the July update. This update will ensure that games can now be played faster because the important components are downloaded earlier.

July update for Xbox One

From now on, Microsoft rolls out the July update for Xbox One. The most important new feature is FastStart, a feature that allows the most important parts of games to be downloaded earlier, so that you can play them faster. You need at least 20 Mbps of download speed for this. In addition, the function currently works with a limited group of Xbox Game Pass games. A complete list of them is not yet available. However, you can get these games twice as fast as normal, according to Microsoft.

In the future, Microsoft will provide more games with FastStart. It is a function on top of the ‘ready to play’ feature, which allows gamers to start a game, while the rest of the data is downloaded in the background. Furthermore, the July update brings the possibility to group the pins of games and apps on the dashboard of your Xbox One. These settings are synchronized on all Xboxes where you log in. You can now press Y at any time to call up the search field.

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