JBL L75ms music system & JBL L52 Classic compact speaker

JBL L75ms music system & JBL L52 Classic compact speaker launches.

The traditional manufacturer JBL is introducing two new products with plenty of retro feeling: the L75ms music system and the passive compact speaker L52 Classic. Both news items should be available in stores in the course of the fourth quarter of this year, so a little patience is still required.

JBL L75ms – compact system

This hi-fi system is wrapped in a walnut wood veneer and reinforced with a removable, black Quadrex foam grille (see teaser picture above). In terms of connectivity, it is richly equipped: In addition to the streaming engine, which can be wired as well as wireless and understands Google Chromecast, Apple AirPlay2 and Bluetooth, there is also an analog pre-stage with a high-level and MM phono input as well as an HDMI-ARC interface on board. A subwoofer can also be connected via the sub-out.

The JBL-L75ms compact system has a curved front

On the driver side, the JBL L75ms has a pair of 5.25-inch woofers, a central 4-inch mid-range driver and a pair of 1-inch titanium domes. All five drivers are driven by their own amplifier channels, the total amplifier output is specified as 350 watts RMS.

Nice add-on: If you buy the JBL-L75ms compact system, you get a free 90-day trial subscription for the Qobuz streaming service. The cost of the JBL all-rounder: 1,500 euros

JBL L52 Classic – compact speaker

These cute speakers also come in walnut veneer and are equipped with the iconic Quadrex foam grids, which can be ordered in black, orange or blue. The JBL L52 Classic can not only be used as a shelf or desktop speaker, it can also be mounted on the wall or on a tripod.

JBL L52 Classic compact speaker - the foam grille is removable

JBL L52 Classic compact speaker – the foam grille is removable

The two-way speaker has a 5.25-inch woofer and a 0.75-inch titanium dome with an acoustic waveguide for the high frequency range. The bass reflex tube goes forward. The tone control on the front is certainly also practical, with which the high frequency range can be raised or lowered. The pair price is around the 1,000 euros be.