JBL introduces new JBL Synthesis speakers for high-end home theaters

JBL has launched its new series called JBL Synthesis. This series has to offer: The JBL Synthesis SCL-1 loudspeaker and SSW-1 Subwoofer.
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The JBL Synthesis was born in the professional cinema and further developed for the most demanding film and music lover. JBL’s Custom Install line is carried through the SCL built-in speakers and SSW subwoofers. The company is now introducing 2 top models that bring to Custom Installers and Cinema Designers the best that JBL Synthesis has to offer: The JBL Synthesis SCL-1 loudspeaker and SSW-1 Subwoofer.

JBL Synthesis

The JBL Synthesis range includes built-in speakers, (built-in) subwoofers, surround processors and amplifiers designed for Custom Installation applications. Private cinemas, media rooms or high-quality stereo solutions, integrated into the interior. With its roots in professional Cinema, JBL Synthesis has developed a range with common parameters so that you can mix and match endlessly.

The full-range Synthesis’ SCL models are built-in loudspeakers with limited installation depth (from approx. 92mm) and sprayable zero-bezel magnetic grill for tight mounting in a wall or baffle wall. Covered on the wall with custom-made acoustically transparent panels or retention walls is also possible. Possible losses can be compensated by means of EQ thanks to the high load capacity of the compression driver technology. The impact of the SCL series is complemented by JBL Synthesis’ SSW series subwoofers. Passive models for wall mounting or freestanding, controlled by an externally mounted JBL Synthesis power amplifier.

Until now, the top position of a dedicated Synthesis Custom Loudspeaker was reserved for the SCL-2 with separate back-box. Top of the line Subwoofer was the Duall 12 ”SSW-2. However, some installations require more. More output, scale, depth, power and even more precision. For that Ultra-High End Cinema experience, JBL introduces the SCL-1 Full Range Cinema Speaker and SSW-1 Subwoofer.


The SCL-1 comes with a D2430K dual 3-inch compression driver with High Definition Imaging (HDI) horn. On its own, it covers the complete spectrum from approximately 775Hz to 24kHz. Below 775Hz the two 12 ”woofers take over. The SCL-1 measures 94dB @ 1watt / 1meter. With one woofer below and one woofer above the compression driver, JBL Synthesis controls the vertical and horizontal radiation behavior with a linear representation.

With a weight of 80 kilograms and a height of more than 120 cm, it is not a model to stick to the wall. The SCL-1 is an LCR loudspeaker that deserves a place in a well thought-out baffle wall behind a large acoustically transparent projection screen. The SCL-1 is available from March and has a target price of approximately € 16,500 each.


The SSW-1 features two 15 ”woofers with a maximum mechanical diaphragm excursion of 80mm, tuned to JBL’s Slipstream Bass Reflex Port. The combined membrane surface coupled with the large linear membrane excursion outweighs the layer extension of, according to JBL itself, the best JBL 18 ”Pro woofers. JBL Synthesis specifies a -6dB point at 15Hz. The woofers are held in place by a reinforced 25mm thick MDF cabinet with a rounded outer size of 136cm wide, 61cm high and 56cm deep. All in all, this subwoofer weighs just under 160 kg. You can control the passive SSW-1 with JBL Synthesis’ own MA-4D power amplifier in bridgemode, whereby the SSW-1 can absorb up to 5000 Watts per woofer. The SSW-1 is available from March and has a target price of approximately € 8250, – each.