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JBL announces SA-750 integrated amplifier with retro look

JBL announces SA-750 integrated amplifier with retro look (silver aluminum front panel) with 120watt @ 8Ohm strong Class G amplifier circuit.
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JBL announces SA-750: If we take a dive into the history books, we see that JBL has released a few nice Hi-Fi amplifiers in the 60s, such as the JBL SA-600, followed by the slightly more powerful SA-660. In honor of its 75th anniversary, JBL breathes new life into this classic design with the introduction of the JBL SA-750 integrated amplifier.

JBL announces SA-750

According to JBL, this amplifier exudes that style of the SA models from the 60s. The retro silver aluminum front panel with heavy rocker switches and teak side panels look like it came straight out of a polished brochure from 1966. Inside, however, the SA-750 is completely contemporary. The heart of the amplifier is a 120watt @ 8Ohm (220Watt @ 4Ohm) strong Class G amplifier circuit.

The SA-750 delivers its skills thanks to a built-in DAC from both external Analog (RCA and 3.5mm Jack) and Digital Sources (SPDif Coaxial RCA, Optical Toslink and USB-A for sticks) while the built-in MM / MC Phono Stage provides the direct connection of a record player. The headphone output is also included in his equipment. In addition to the DAC, the JBL SA-750 with its UPnP Ethernet and built-in WiFi connection also has streaming options on board. With Google ChromeCast, Apple Airplay 2 and Roon functionality you can go in all directions, and the SA-750 is compatible with MQA files. The sound of the SA-750 in the room can be optimized by means of Dirac Live Room EQ.

The JBL SA-750 should be released in May. A price has not yet been announced.

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