Jamo Studio S7 Speaker Series

Jamo Studio S7 Speaker Series range launched. Jamo Studio S7 is a sound as pure as the Scandinavian air

The firm’s new range is spectacular not only for its advanced technology applied to sound, but also for its distinctive Scandinavian-style finish. Made up of six loudspeakers, it owes its name to the 7-degree inclination they present, with the aim of aligning the acoustic centers.

Magnetrón, distributors of audio and technology solutions, brings to Spain the new line of Jamo Studio S7 home theater speakers.

Under a minimalist aesthetic based on clean lines and meticulous attention to detail, the speakers that make up this series are a clear example of how form follows function. Intended to usher in a new era of performance for the brand, this range is brimming with technological innovation and attractive design inspired by Scandinavian landscapes. In short, timeless-looking speakers that are perfect in any room.

Six speakers for two home theater systems

Studio S7 is a complete and elegant range that is made up of six different speakers, capable of offering surround sound that meets the needs of the most demanding users. Specifically, it brings together two floor-standing loudspeakers (S7-25F and S7-27F), two bookshelf loudspeakers (S7-15B and S7-17B), and two central ones (S7-25C and S7-43C), which give rise to two perfect home theater systems: S7-17HCS and S7-25 HCS.

All of them, except the central ones, stand out for having an angle of seven degrees, to which they owe their name. This tilt allows the acoustic centers of each transmission unit to be aligned to help minimize timing anomalies.

Manufacturing-wise, the firm has relied on carefully chosen components, including Mylar and non-polarized electrolytic capacitors, along with air-iron core inductors, as well as 25W resistors. In addition, the line consists of new drivers, Paraday rings to offer better sensitivity and reduce non-linear distortion and the brand’s COMSOL software to improve frequencies. They also have woofers and different systems to control power and reduce distortion. Similarly, they have raised paper cones and incorporate aluminum rings that improve power handling and reduce distortion in order to achieve clean and dynamic bass.

S7-25 HCS, for larger rooms

Studio S7 5.0 home theater systems allow you to fully enjoy and immerse yourself in movies and music, offering even the smallest detail and even achieving more intelligible dialogue and more detailed soundtracks.

Specifically, the S7-25 HCS is made up of two S7-25F floor-standing loudspeakers, two more S7-15B bookshelf loudspeakers and an S7-25C center channel. Thus, the compact S7-25F loudspeaker is able to offer high levels of performance thanks to its two 5.5-inch woofers with Thor’s Hammer embossed paper cone capable of delivering powerful and, at the same time, natural bass. Meanwhile, high frequencies are handled by the 1-inch fabric dome tweeter that produces a smooth, extended response with low levels of harmonic distortion at high output levels.

Meanwhile, S7-15B is capable of delivering outstanding audio performance, and comes as a compact speaker specially designed for small rooms. Thanks to its small size it allows multiple ways of placement and stands out for having a one-inch fabric dome tweeter and a 5.5-inch woofer, which translates into exceptional performance from bass to high frequencies. An ideal speaker for movies and music.
For its part, the center channel is essential, not only for reproducing most of the front sound effects, but also for all the nuances of the dialogue. Thus, the S7-25C model has been designed to complete the floor-standing and bookshelf speakers that make up the Studio 7 series. With a one-inch tweeter and two 5.5-inch woofers, it has been developed to be placed under the screen and provide detailed, precise and clear voices and dialogues when enjoying movies, programs, series or concerts. Specifically, the tweeter is in charge of high frequencies, for which it has a copper Faraday ring that increases sensitivity and reduces non-linear distortion.

S7-17 HCS, for smaller rooms

For its part, S7-17 HCS consists of two S7-15B bookshelf loudspeakers (also included in the previous model), two more S7-17B bookshelf speakers and a S7-43C center channel.

Thus, the S7-17B bookshelf speakers provide superior sound in a small format, which translates into great ease of placement. Its one-inch tweeter and large 7-inch woofer deliver clear highs, detailed mids, and natural lows. Added to these is the S7-43C model, a central channel that incorporates a 1-inch tweeter and four 3.3-inch woofers, while still being a really thin speaker that perfectly completes the sound offered by televisions. current flat screen. This speaker also allows you to enjoy the same audio quality both inside and outside the listening axis, being able to capture every note and nuance of the dialogue.

On the other hand, the line is completed with the high-resolution S7-27F speakers, perfect for enjoying television content, as well as music. They feature dual 6.69-inch woofers that deliver deep bass and midrange, while the 1-inch tweeter delivers crisp highs.

Finally, Jamo Studio 7 is available in two shades inspired by Scandinavian landscapes: the dark blue of the Norwegian fjords and the gray of the mist that hangs over the Finnish forest. Soon, the line will also be expanded and completed by a series of subwoofers.

RRP S7-25F: €799.00 (VAT included)

RRP S7-27F: €949.00 (VAT included)

RRP S7-15B: €449.00 (VAT included)

RRP S7-17B: €549.00 (VAT included)

RRP S7-25C: €299.00 (VAT included)

RRP S7-43C: €329.00 (VAT included)

RRP S7-17 HCS: €1,299.00 (VAT included)

RRP S7-25 HCS: €1,499.00 (VAT included)