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Is Videoland worth it? You want to know about the service

Is Videoland worth it? Videoland was originally a video library but now it is part of RTL, a video streaming service. You will find a lot of content here.

Is Videoland worth it? This article explains the streaming service of Videoland. Videoland is a video streaming service from the Netherlands that mainly focuses on Dutch-language films and series. Of course, that does not mean that you should not expect international content, because you can also go to this streaming service for that. What can you expect from Videoland?

What is Videoland?

Videoland was originally a video library. The younger readers may no longer know what that is. But that was a place you went to rent movies at fixed prices. If you rewound your videotape, you got a discount on the next rental video. Later, this caused the joke that customers had also rewound their DVDs before the return time. Haha, very funny; how often will the employees have liked such jokes? We sometimes wonder during the ceiling service.

Anyway, now Videoland – part of RTL, is a video streaming service. You will find a lot of content from and for the Netherlands here, but there is certainly an international offer. The service has exclusive content. Content from RTL for example, which you can see here. Or how about certain American series that are not with Netflix or Amazon Prime Video? The streaming service has a 14-day trial period. Are you satisfied? Then you pay 8.99 euros per month for the subscription.

Videoland lets you create a total of five profiles. On the website, we also see that the company encourages people to share accounts. In principle, you can let five different people use one subscription, so the costs remain nice and low. And if no one cares for recommendations, you simply make the group bigger. You watch the content – without advertising – on your TV, laptop, tablet, phone or on the go with Download to Go. You can also watch the films, series and other content offline where necessary.

Content on Videoland

Finding out what content Videoland has is fortunately not very difficult. For example, if you google on “videoland dutch films”, the video streaming service has a complete page with films that you can watch. For example, we find the comedies Housewives do not exist and Family Weekend. Two films with excellent reviews that are worth your time. But you will also find more serious drama films such as Süskind and Majesteit here, as well as the Theo Maassen thriller that we know as TBS.

Videoland has a lot of old content: films and series from the past. Handy for when you haven’t seen them yet. It’s a bit difficult to figure out without an account, but there is also content made exclusively for the video streaming service. You will of course find a lot of series on RTL. Think of Lego Masters, Good Times Bad Times, Private Home and Garden and programs such as Temptation Island, Ex on the Beach, Love Island, Expedition Robinson, The Bold and the Beautiful and musical programs such as The Voice Kids.

Of course, the streaming service also has its own Originals. These can be funny or information programs as you might encounter them on RTL, but also exciting and good series like Mocro Mafia. That is surely the showpiece of this video streaming service and often the reason for people to create an account. This is a fictional crime series about three best friends. Together they switched from petty crime to bigger work. They own the now cocaine trade in Amsterdam.

Videoland also has the series H3L, in which we meet the complex Tess and her popular twin brother Thomas. They are new in class H3L and quickly meet the exuberant Roos, the rebellious Olivier and his best friend Faiz. You can also count on new episodes from Kees & Co and even a prequel series by Baantjer has been made. If you previously watched the series on RTL 4, you can now get to know the Cock (yes, with cee oo cee kaa) from another side. We see him doing his job in the eighties.

Videoland also has quite a few documentaries on offer. So if you don’t feel like fiction, you can indulge yourself with all the non-fiction in the library. There is a documentary about the kickboxer Badr Hari, there is also a sporty documentary about the young kickboxer Amira, you find out who took over from Pablo Escobar in the Cocaine War and you see Femke Louise from a different side in the documentary Bont Girl . Moreover, with Eating Disorders: Masker Af you will find out about different eating disorders.

In addition, this is the place in the Netherlands to watch The Handsmaid’s Tale, for example. This is an exclusive Hulu series that cannot be seen anywhere else in the Netherlands. In the totalitarian state of Gilead, women are state property. The few fertile women have to bear children as maidservants. This is also June’s fate. Her mission is to survive and to find her daughter who has been taken away. In addition, you will also find a complete collection of James Bond films, including Specter, as well as the romantic comedy series Soof. stream to your television? Then read our article with all possibilities for streaming media to your TV .


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