Is IKEA going to launch a IKEA record player soon?

There is a rumor that Swedish home furnishing company IKEA is going to launch its IKEA record player called OBEGRÄNSAD.

IKEA record player: It may sound a bit strange to you. The Swedish furniture giant to launch a record player called OBEGRÄNSAD with Swedish House Mafia. Swedish House Mafia is a group of three DJs and music products and you may know of songs like Don’t You Worry Child, One and Save the World. Ten years ago you could find these songs in all the charts. Yesterday, during the 2022 Milan Design Week, IKEA launched three new products created in collaboration with the group of DJs. In addition to a music production desk and a chair, we also come across a record player. A record player? From IKEA? It doesn’t seem like an April 1 joke.

OBEGRÄNSAD IKEA record player

The new collection is called ‘OBEGRÄNSAD’ and should launch in the fall. OBEGRÄNSAD is Swedish for ‘unlimited’ and, according to IKEA’s press release, hints at the target group for this collection. Bringing unlimited creativity to those on a budget.

Not much is known about the OBEGRÄNSAD record player from IKEA. The device is said to have a minimalist design and must, among other things, work with the ENEBY bluetooth speaker from the furniture giant. IKEA wants to keep it simple, but ensure a good quality replaceable cartridge and needle. You can see how the development of the record player came about here read on the IKEA website.