iRobot rolls out new iRobot Genius update with new features

new iRobot Genius update are available for users which include facilities like Clean while I'm Away, Clean Time Estimates and others.

new iRobot Genius update : iRobot has introduced four new features in the new update to the iRobot Genius platform. This should make your cleaning robot even smarter. It differs per model which function is added exactly. It concerns functions for the robot vacuum cleaners and the mopping robots. It concerns the following new functions:

new iRobot Genius update : Clean while I’m Away

The cleaning robots should adapt to your schedule with this feature. You can create a zone around your house using GPS and your smartphone. Are you leaving the house? Then the cleaning robot can start cleaning. This means that vacuuming can be done automatically when you go to get your groceries. The cleaning robot will stop when you are back in the zone. This is also called geofencing.

Clean Time Estimates

This feature provides an estimate of how long a cleaning will take and is available for iRobot Smart Mapping robots (which have mapped your home). Choose a specific room or zone in your house and you will receive an estimate of the cleaning time. This way you know whether you can have the cleaning robot cleaned quickly before your visitors arrive.

new iRobot Genius update : Time Boxed Cleaning

This feature provides cleaning intervals for robots not equipped with Smart Mapping. You can set preset intervals from 15 to 45 minutes. The robot cleans during these intervals and returns to the charging station afterwards. This way you can schedule cleaning around your video calls and you will never be bothered by cleaning noise during your meetings.

Braava Jet m6 Threshold Zones

Users with a Braava Jet M6 robotic mop can now indicate ‘high threshold’ areas on the Smart Map in the iRobot Home app. This allows this model to pass higher thresholds that were previously interpreted as obstacles.

The updates to the iRobot Genius platform are currently being rolled out to users with iRobot robot vacuums and cleaning robots connected to Wi-Fi.