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iPhone tips: 7 functions and tricks that are hidden in iOS

There are several hidden iphone functions that many of us are unaware. With every new version of iOS, new functions and tricks come to your iPhone.
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Hidden iphone Features

In this article you will know everthing about iPhone functions and tricks that are hidden in iOS. There are several hidden iphone functions that many of us are unaware. With every new version of iOS, new functions and tricks come to your iPhone. Even when you’re on top of the news, it’s nearly impossible to know them all. That is why we have listed some of our favorite tips, functions and tricks for you.

Whether you’re looking for a way to keep your Homescreen tidy, to share music, or to make it easier to fall asleep, there’s always something your iPhone can do to make it easier. Below you will find seven useful iOS tips and Hidden iphone Functions that you may not know or have forgotten.

iPhone tips: Hidden iphone Functions

Tip 1: Set a timer for music

Many people like to fall asleep to music, an audio book or podcast. You can turn the audio on on your iPhone and then let it run all night, but that’s a waste of your battery. Fortunately, your iPhone has a function that allows you to set how long your music continues to play.

To do this, go to the Clock app and then to the tab where you can set a timer. Then you choose how long you want the music to play. Then tap ‘When timer ends’. then scroll down until you find ‘Stop playing’. Select this option and then start the timer.

All you have to do is turn on your music, audio book or podcast. When the timer ends, what you are playing will stop automatically.

Tip 2: swiping in the calculator

Sooner or later, we will all use the calculator on an iPhone. This works fine, but unfortunately there is no backspace button. When you make a mistake, you have to delete the whole number you entered. At least, it seems so. There is a way to delete only the last digit you entered. All you have to do is swipe over the number.

Hidden iphone Features

Tip 3: Move multiple apps at the same time

If you regularly download new apps, it can happen that at some point you completely lose the overview. Then it is good to sit down and bring order to the chaos. It is also useful to know that you can move multiple apps at the same time.

To do this, press and hold the icon of one of the apps you want to move. All apps will then start to vibrate. Then drag the selected app a bit with your finger. Continue to hold the app and simultaneously tap the apps you want to move with another finger. The selected apps are bundled so that you can drag them to their new destination.

Tip 4: listen to music and watch movies together

Since iOS 13, it has been possible to listen to music or watch a series on your iPhone with a friend, without sharing your AirPods . You can share your audio with someone else who also has AirPods or Beats headphones.

First, connect your own AirPods to your iPhone. Then go to the control panel and tap the Airplay icon. Select the option ‘Share audio’ and hold your device to the AirPods you want to pair (make sure these are in the box). To pair a Beats headphones, you have to put them in pairing mode.

The AirPods or headphones will then appear on your screen. Tap Share Audio and you can start listening together. Also useful to know: in the control panel you can adjust the volume of the linked devices separately.


Hidden iphone Features

Tip 5: search by lyrics

Sometimes you have a number in your head and you just can’t remember what it’s called? Very annoying, but the solution is near. You can search by lyrics in the Music app. Enter some of the text in the bar where you usually enter the artist or song and Apple will do the rest. You can even choose to sing the piece you know to Siri.

Tip 6: quickly type symbols and special characters

If you want to use a question mark, exclamation mark or other punctuation mark, tap the 123 key on your keyboard. Very simple, but it can be a lot faster. What you can also do is keep this key pressed. Then the different punctuation marks appear on your screen. Swipe your finger to the character you want to use and release. It’s that simple.

This not only works for the 123 key, but also for letters. Handy if you want to put a dash on a letter or are looking for an umlaut. You just choose the letter you are looking for a variation on and keep it pressed. Then drag, release and you’re done.

Tip 7: swipe instead of tapping

With the arrival of iOS 13, Apple introduced the Quickpath keyboard. This allows you to type in a new way, namely by swiping. Instead of tapping the letters, drag your fingers over the letters of the word you want to create. It may take some getting used to, but it is definitely worth a try. You can find the Quickpath keyboard in the settings. Go to “General” -> “Keyboard” -> “Keyboards” -> “Add Keyboard”.

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