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iPhone rumors: foldable smartphone and in-display Touch ID

iPhone rumors: foldable smartphone and in-display Touch ID is comming from famous brand Apple. As per Bloomberg revealed.
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iPhone rumors: foldable smartphone- Thus writes the news website that Apple is working on a foldable iPhone. This model is said to compete with Samsung’s foldable range, such as the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. At the time of writing, however, it is not clear when the Apple smartphone will be launched exactly.

iPhone rumors: foldable smartphone

Apple has been working on a foldable iPhone for a while. Behind the scenes, engineers are said to have already made several prototypes, but none of those test devices seems to be suitable for a release. That means the company is struggling with development or the design is still in its early stages. One of the designs would have a 6.7-inch screen when you unfold it (the same size as on the iPhone 12 Pro Max). In any case, all designs would have a reasonably invisible hinge.

However, Bloomberg does not expect any fancy design changes for the iPhone 13 line for this year, so we do not have to count on a foldable model. However, there is still talk of another possibility. For example, Apple would also work on in-display Touch ID: a fingerprint scanner that is therefore in the screen of the smartphone. This would be one of the few changes that Apple is making, according to the rumors. So it looks like the next model will be an S series. That is a series of smartphones with minimal adjustments compared to the model without the S.

Then we would not be dealing with the iPhone 13, but the 12S. Since Qualcomm recently announced a new fingerprint scanner and that company already supplies 5g modems to Apple, it is no strange thought that these new types of fingerprint scanners can be used in the 12S. Since the Cupertino company never responds to rumors, we have to take the coverage with a grain of salt.

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