Against the odds: No USB-C port for iPhone in the future

It is revealed that contrarily to all rumors No USB-C port or a Touch ID sensor in the power button for iPhone will be offered in the future.

No USB-C port for iPhone or a Touch ID sensor in the power button in the future, according to Ming-Chi Kuo. That’s a well-known analyst who keeps a close eye on Apple. That reports Apple Insider.

No USB-C port for iPhones

According to Kuo, this has to do with two things. First, this would be a disaster for all accessory makers who are now releasing products specifically for the Lightning port. In addition, the USB-C port is less waterproof than MagSafe of Lightning.

Hence, a subsequent iteration of the iPhone is more likely to run out of ports at all. Such an Apple smartphone would then completely rely on wireless charging, for example via those magnetic MagSafe chargers.

Moreover, additional benefits will emerge. MagSafe offers better water resistance without a Lightning port. In addition, Apple is still in control of the ecosystem, as this type of charger was developed by the company. So you can still earn from licensing costs.

However, Kuo also believes that Apple is not that far yet. The MagSafe ecosystem is currently not large enough to stand on its own or be a deciding factor when it comes to a single charging standard. There, he expects Apple to stick to the Lightning port for the time being.

Furthermore, he does not expect Apple to put a Touch ID sensor in the power button, as with the iPad Pro. Apple would test an in-display fingerprint scanner.