Introduction: Monitor Audio Anthra Series Subwoofers

The Monitor Audio Anthra Subwoofer Series comprises three relatively compact but extremely formidable subwoofers capable of delivering deep controlled bass.

Deep and Controlled Bass. Simply.

It is not easy to do simple things. It requires effort, but it is worth it. The Anthra Series of Subwoofers is all about simplicity, with three clearly defined high-performance models designed to deliver deep, controlled bass with a highly intuitive user experience. This is all. Simplicity in its purest form.

The three models in the Anthra Series of Subwoofers have been developed, focusing on musicality and control. Through the expert application of acoustic expertise and sound design principles, each model in this formidable range delivers devastatingly deep bass with musicality and agility.

W10: A powerful and compact subwoofer with a 254 mm (10″) speaker and 425 watts of amplification. Ideal to be used both alone and with several units to achieve optimal integration in the room.

W12: A powerful mid-size subwoofer with a 12″ (305mm) driver and 900 watts of amplification. A perfect proposition for medium to large size Home Theater systems where one or multiple subwoofers are required.

W15: An imposing subwoofer with a 381 mm (15″) speaker and 1,400 watts of amplification. The W15 is the most formidable model in the Anthra range and is ideal for large Home Theater systems that require deep, musical, and accurate bass.

Impeccable build quality, intuitive controls, and an easy-to-use app complete an exceptional combo. In addition, the superior flexibility offered by the Anthra range allows the user to choose a subwoofer regardless of the series to which the loudspeakers to which it will be associated belong, based on price, performance, and personal needs.


Intuitive Configuration App

Advanced features, including DSP configuration and connecting multiple subwoofers, are available through the MaestroUnite app.

State-of-the-art Transducers

All Anthra subwoofers incorporate Rigid Surface Technology II (RST II) and Ceramic Clad Aluminum Magnesium Alloy (C-CAM) Cones. Robust and lightweight, the extremely rigid C-CAM cones have a much higher resistance to fatigue bending and exhibit much higher fidelity throughout their entire operating frequency range for a more robust sonic presentation. Clean, clear, precise, and natural. This marks the first time Rigid Surface Technology II (RST II) has been applied to the cone of a Monitor Audio subwoofer. Such technology significantly increases the cone’s rigidity, allowing the radiating surfaces to resist mechanical bending forces that can distort the shape of conventional driver cones and therefore distort the sound.

High Power Amplifiers

Behind each C-CAM cone transducer with RST II technology lies a formidable amplifier capable of delivering amazing power. With 425, 900, and 1,400 watts continuous in Class D and peak powers of 500, 1,700, and 2,500 watts, respectively, each amplifier ensures that the drivers work at their optimum performance levels regardless of volume, thus allowing for a dynamic range and extremely precise and clean sound performance.

Sound Features

Through intelligent acoustic design and fundamental Monitor Audio technologies, the Anthra Series of Subwoofers can deliver the kind of deep, highly accurate bass capable of dramatically enhancing your enjoyment of movies and music. It’s controlled bass that you can feel.


Subwoofers are about much more than adding bass effects to a movie soundtrack. The good ones are also adept at adding low-end detail, atmosphere, and bass to a stereo Hi-Fi system, and the Anthra subwoofers are the best.

Movie at home

When maximizing your cinematic experience, a capable subwoofer is a key component. Whether adding a special effect’s impact or enhancing a cinematic score’s subtleties, Anthra subwoofers maximize your enjoyment.

Highly robust enclosures

Anthra subwoofers use an extremely robust MDF enclosure, with external panels up to 1.4″ (36mm) thick and 0.75″ (19mm) thick internal panels topped by carefully configured bracing that have been optimized in acoustic terms to guarantee extreme strength.


All Anthra subwoofers include a wide range of connectivity options, including RCA inputs with LFE and XLR inputs for professional installations, allowing multiple Anthra subwoofers to be used in one system. A full-color display with a rotary dial located on the rear panel provides easy access to the setup menu, allowing users to expedite the setup process and connect and integrate any Anthra subwoofer into an extremely convenient Largest Home Theater system.

Master Unite App

With the help of the MaestroUnite configuration app, designed by Monitor Audio, users can optimally configure any Anthra subwoofer according to their individual tastes and system requirements. And if multiple subwoofers are used in the same rig, you can make the same settings on all of them simultaneously.