Introduction: Marantz CINEMA 30 Integrated A/V Amplifier

Introduction: Marantz CINEMA 30 Integrated A/V Amplifier- Introducing the Marantz CINEMA 30 – a new reference in cinematic sound for the home.

Marantz, one of the most revered names in high-end audio of the last 70 years, is proud to introduce its new flagship model for its range of CINEMA high-performance integrated A/V electronics – the CINEMA 30.

The CINEMA 30 represents the pinnacle of Marantz’s celebrated approach to integrated amplifier and A/V receiver design. In every aspect, this reference model distills, in an exceptional component, the timeless and progressive design, unparalleled performance, and technological excellence that characterize the Marantz product philosophy.

Beautiful design, exceptional manufacturing quality

Available in black or silver-gold finish, the CINEMA 30 incorporates the latest generation of Marantz’s iconic porthole display combined with a new industrial design language while being built in line with the highest standards of excellence. , as corroborated by a multilayer chassis in which the intensive use of copper stands out. Its sleek front panel features selectable side lighting, while a flip-up hatch conceals less frequently used functions, creating a remarkably clean aesthetic not typically associated with integrated A/V electronics. Even the aluminum remote control has been carefully considered and is backlit to ensure a pristine user experience in darkened rooms.

Clean, distortion-free power

Internally, the CINEMA 30 is built around a monolithic symmetrical amplifier, undoubtedly the most advanced design currently available within the product category to which it belongs.

The amplification section is mounted on a separate printed circuit board before the power supplies, delivering spotless and distortion-free instantaneous power. The eleven amplification channels ensure sufficient output to support various possible speaker configurations for all immersive audio options. Meanwhile, 13.4 channel processing capacity with selectable preamp mode allows adding an external power stage to meet the demands of larger dedicated home cinema environments.

Of course, all aspects of the power amplification section, power supply, and audio signal path have been carefully perfected by the Marantz Sound Masters, based in Shirakawa, Japan, to ensure the best sound quality. Possible with all types of sources and in all audio modes. All digital and analog signals pass through the exclusive HDAM SA-2 preamplification stage to ensure the warmth and musicality expected from any Marantz audio component.

Digital excellence and cutting-edge processing in perfect harmony

Befitting its status as the flagship of Marantz’s range of integrated A/V electronics, the CINEMA 30 incorporates two units of Analog Devices’ newest and most powerful SHARC DSP chip along with ESS Saber D/A converters. The latest generation with 32-bit technology and dedicated jitter reduction. The result is a formidable digital platform capable of processing and decoding with extreme precision all incoming audio signals, from high-resolution stereo to the latest in immersive audio, including Dolby Atmos, IMAX Enhanced, DTS:X Pro and Auro-3D..

To ensure the best possible results with a wide range of speakers in any listening environment, the CINEMA 30 combines this capability with Audyssey MultEQ XT32 advanced room optimization, based on automatic calibration of speaker dimensions, distances to them, the adjustment of the volume level, etc., all carried out with the help of a microphone supplied as standard.

Dirac Live calibration is optionally available, including Dirac Live Bass Control, which allows a fully optimized integration of the low frequencies of the spectrum for a maximum of four independent subwoofers, Resulting in perfectly coherent bass response even in the most demanding listening environments.

A highly complete digital and analog solution in a single product

The CINEMA 30 can be scaled to meet various current and future configurations. Each of its seven HDMI inputs can support 8K video signals, and its new high-resolution user interface makes it easy to configure and customize any system. Multiple analog and digital inputs, combined with a vast repertoire of functions optimized for custom installations, mean the CINEMA 30 can be adapted to meet any possible user need, from intimate multimedia rooms to sizeable dedicated home cinemas.

Naturally, the CINEMA 30 is also compatible with the latest version of the HEOS whole-home multi-room platform, which makes it easy to access a wide range of streaming services, all seamlessly integrated into a unified user experience. Spotify Connect, AirPlay 2™, and Bluetooth complement HEOS to ensure access to the broadest possible range of mobile devices and working conditions. Finally, the CINEMA 30 can be integrated with the voice assistant -Alexa, Google, or HomePod- chosen by the user to enjoy the ultimate simple but intelligent accessibility.

Commenting on this new release, Dave Sheen, President of the Luxury Performance Audio Group at Masimo Consumer, said: “The CINEMA 30 represents a statement of excellence for Marantz in the integrated A/V electronics category and one of the most sophisticated designs we have ever seen. The team has been created in its 70-year history. I can’t wait to see how our loyal customers and critics will receive it.”

Enjoy the audiovisual excellence of the new Marantz CINEMA 30, available from March 2024 for an MSRP of €4,500 at selected retailers.

Marantz CINEMA 30 – Integrated A/V Amplifier – MSRP €4,500

  • Two SHARC DSP chips and ESS Saber DAC with 32-bit technology
  • Symmetrical and monolithic amplifier with 11×140 W output power
  • Timeless design with the iconic Marantz porthole display and high-definition on-screen display
  • 7 inputs and 3 HDMI outputs compatible 8K
  • Support for Dolby Atmos™, IMAX Enhanced™, DTS:X Pro™ and Auro 3D™
  • Audyssey MultEQ XT32 advanced room optimization and Dirac Live calibration are optionally available
  • Access to streaming services via HEOS®, Spotify Connect, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, and more, all integrated
  • Tuned by a Master of Sound and manufactured in Shirakawa, Japan