Introduction: Magico S-SUB Model 2023 Dual-Punch Subwoofers

Introduction: Magico S-SUB Model 2023 Dual-Punch Subwoofers- S-SUB are dual 12-inch Magico woofers, mounted in front in a vertical array; each uses powerful magnet assemblies


Are you ready to feel your listening room expand? The acoustic signature of the venue is recreated, and suddenly you are in a completely different dimension.

The S-SUB has the power to reproduce low frequencies with a fidelity you never knew a subwoofer was capable of. When you’re fully ready to experience Magico bass, the S-SUB is the perfect choice. Consult your Magico dealer to begin expanding the dimensions of what you thought possible in the bass.

“Magico, the leader in designing and manufacturing high-performance loudspeakers, is pleased to announce the new S-SUB. The sound of the S-SUB: deep and powerful, yet packed with detail and speed. The new S-SUB possesses these seemingly paradoxical qualities in a beautiful form true to the Magico S series of loudspeakers.”

The new S-SUB was born from concepts borrowed from the revolutionary TITAN-15 subwoofer. The research and development that led to the flagship TITAN-15 allowed Magico’s engineering team to improve virtually every aspect of the original S-SUB. The S-SUB is all about enhanced performance in every parameter, and adding it to your system will result in an intensely satisfying and musically revealing sound.


It starts with the driver. The Magico S-SUB features a pair of front-facing drivers perfect for the application. The new 13″ speaker uses a two-layer 75mm voice coil with 0.6″ of linear travel in each direction for powerful, low-distortion bass reproduction. Each driver is rated at 550W RMS, continuous, and even more at peak conditions. It uses a super stiff aluminum cone to balance stiffness and weight perfectly. An advanced motor system produces a super-stabilized magnetic field employing multiple copper shorting rings to stabilize inductance and minimize distortion. The controller spider has interwoven pull cords to allow for extreme linear movement. This cutting-edge technology results in a driver optimized to deliver maximum SPL and minimize music-related distortions in the low frequencies.


The S-SUB enclosure was designed and evaluated using computer simulation and physical testing to meet Magico’s uncompromising requirements for rigidity and stability, along with a vanishing acoustic contribution. The enclosure was conceived using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software to optimize all structural elements. Further prototype testing ensured all design goals were met or exceeded. This extensive research and development resulted in a thick 6061-T6 grade aluminum enclosure with innovative bracing techniques and the most advanced damping materials for an absolutely silent subwoofer enclosure.


The new S-SUB uses a powerful 3200W class D amplifier for ample power reserves. State-of-the-art DSP software gives the end user excellent configuration flexibility, including a new rear panel display, which allows calibration of the S-SUB for the specific room in which it is used and with the speaker system with which it is being used. That is paired. This software offers three stored EQ presets, auto-on detection, auto-off, clipping, and thermal protection. This tunability is implemented through a web-based interface.


Experience the new Magico S-SUB at your dealer; we are sure you will be amazed. Magico subwoofers reveal details in the low frequencies you never knew existed. These newly revealed details are paired with impressive bass depth and power – you don’t have to give up one performance area to experience another. You really can have it all with Magico subwoofers.

The Magico S-SUB is a subwoofer that raises the bar at its price point. It will give you a musically inspired performance that is satiating in ways only Magico Bass can deliver. Look up the new S-SUB today to find exactly what you’re missing in the lower octaves.


  • Output: Can deliver a sound pressure level (SPL) of 120dB with less than 1% total harmonic distortion at 40Hz.
  • Drivers: 2 x 13”.
  • Frequency response: 15Hz—150Hz.
  • Amplifier power: 3200W at 230V (output depends on the power supply).
  • Input impedance: 45k ohms.
  • Dimensions: 31.9” high x 19.25” deep x 15.31” wide.
  • Weight: 200 lbs.
  • Finishes: The S-SUB is available in Gloss and soft-touch finishes.

Note: All information in this document applies to second-generation S-SUBs produced in 2023 and later. All features and specifications are subject to change.