Introduction: DALI PHANTOM E-WR In-Ceiling Loudspeaker

DALI Speakers is a brand based in Denmark introduced new type of speakers: DALI PHANTOM E-WR In-Ceiling Loudspeaker.

Phantom E-WR, Custom Install DALI moisture-resistant speakers

Custom installations are in luck. DALI has presented its new Phantom Weather Resistant (WR) speakers, allowing you to bring your spectacular sound to outdoor and complex environments, such as spa rooms or indoor pools.

The Danish sound firm DALI Speakers has presented its new series of Custom Install DALI PHANTOM E-WR speakers. PHANTOM E-WR models are class-leading playback and adapt seamlessly to harsh, high-humidity environments. Thanks to their IP65 rating, these speakers withstand the elements and are perfect for outdoor use, ensuring exceptional sound in any space.

DALI Speakers PHANTOM E-WR will soon be available. It will cost 299 euros for the E-60 WR and 399 euros for the E-80 WR.

DALI sound, IP65 certification

Thanks to their attention to detail, these waterproof speakers have obtained the IP65 water resistance rating. Its surround has been improved to prevent the passage of water, as have the configuration toggles. In addition, the electronics have been covered by a layer of insulation that protects them from moisture.

The IP65 certification means that these speakers withstand temperatures from -20ºC to 60ºC and humidity levels of up to 100%. DALI explains that they also resist indirect splashes, dust, and sand.

Top drivers

The PHANTOM E-WR series comprises two models: E-60 WR and E-80 WR. The main difference between the two is their woofer, which has a cone of water-resistant polypropylene and a natural rubber surround explicitly developed for the woofer. DALI PHANTOM E-60 WR has a 6.5” driver, while the DALI PHANTOM E-8 WR driver is 8”.

Both models share the same tweeter design, this one having a 25mm textile dome and being housed in an independent and decoupled unit to prevent any sound coloration caused by the woofer. In addition, the drivers have a 5º inclination, which means a precise sound pattern both at the sweet spot and in the immediate vicinity.

Discover a world of possibilities with PHANTOM E-WR, a Custom Install speaker perfect for bathrooms, spas, wellness centers, swimming pools, saunas, gyms, laundries, outdoor kitchens, gazebos, and even outdoor Home Cinema setups. No place can resist you!

DALI Speakers is a brand based in Denmark with a clear commitment: that the sound experience extends beyond design. The E-WR series guarantees a simple installation process thanks to dog-leg technology that allows the speaker to be installed from the front, thus using existing spaces or quickly adapting to new constructions. In addition, designers will be able to choose whether to stick with their standard white and round grille or choose one of the optional models: square or black and round. These grilles have also been improved to have a finish that finishes off the wall or ceiling more smoothly.